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More opportunities and livable wage


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  • More opportunities and livable wage

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    1. Every agency in arizona is hiring.

    2. Arizona is very affordable to live and has tons of stuff to do.

    3. Arizona is extremely competitive but as long as your qualified, it's not a problem.

    4. AZ has a public safety retirement program which is pretty good!

    5. can't speak about this one.

    6. The training facilities here are para-military unless you go to a college for your academy, which I think there's only one.

    7. AZ DPS and a few county agencies have take homes, not too many city agencies do.

    8. I pay 135 a month for very good family health insurance, and yes the state does pay into your retirement.
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      1. if you are qualified, u probably will get the job

      2. arizona is probably cheaper than florida, but phoenix area can be expensive compared to the wages unless u live in a crap area or way out there.

      3. see question 1

      4. arizona= every agency has 20yr 50% -32yr 32% max and a 5 yr DROP option... florida= every agency can be different. state retirement there is 25 yrs-75% with 5 yr DROP(not 100% sure bout DROP)

      5. arizona is as white as it gets with police officers(besides midwest maybe), but spanish will help you alot depending where u want to go

      6. ALEA is a lil bit of both(i havent been through one yet, but plan to soon!)

      7. DPS, Pinal and Pima County are only ones i know of, more county agencies might have it, but u got to check

      8. I would say AZ might be better on health care, but in AZ you pay 7.65% of your salary for retirement, PLUS 6.5% for social security(w/exception of PHX PD), with FLA state retirement you dont contribute anything, maybe just social security. with a non FLA state retirement you will pay about 7-9%.

      im not a cop yet, but i know my benefits and stuff for CA,AZ, and FL as those are the places im looking into, but best prospects for a job seem to be AZ so ill be sticking here.


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