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Arrests and Guns in AZ


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  • Arrests and Guns in AZ

    2 questions that apply to any department, but I'm looking for AZ specific answers.

    On a ridealong with DPS, the officer I rode with arrested a person for DUI. Nothing unusual, other than he did not ask for backup before conducting the roadside and/or hooking up the drunk. Is this normal for other departments to arrest someone without backup?

    Second question, Do AZ departments encourage off duty officers to carry, or is it actually discouraged? I ask because I have one friend who feels naked without his gun, and the other never carries off-duty. I don't have an opinion on what is best, therefore I'm curious what the departments say.


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    I don't have the answers to your question. However, I will say that in Memphis, you pretty much do the entire process on your own unless someone is combative. Then Memphis does have officers assigned to DUI to complete the process.

    I may be hazy on this, but, I thought there was a supreme court law, oh, about 1 to 2 years ago, that mandated officers carry off duty, nationwide.
    Again, possibly hazy on this.

    Did you feel that due to the DUI, the officer should have called for backup and if so, why?


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      My department's policy is to have a second unit on DUI investigations. Period. There are some exceptions that can be made -- generally by our DUI enforcement units -- but that's the policy. DPS' policy may be different.

      Don't know second question. I imagine it's a dept by dept thing. I carry offduty most of the time, as I live very close to my beat and I often run into folks I've arrested.


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        during my ride alongs both with AZ DPS and Colorado State Patrol. I have had DUI aressts with no back up, but also have had them with. Maybe depends on the situation. I know one time when the Trooper asked for backup he felt the driver was a threat. So he called for backup just in case. Turns out the guy had three warrants.


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          Although most of the cops in my circle carry weapons off duty the decision to do so is a personal one. Agencies do not discourage the carrying of weapons offduty and HR218 does allow off duty carry nationwide yet it still remains a personal choice for many. I do seem to recall that the Sheriff here in Maricopa mandated that his deputies carry off duty. In Chicago and other places back east off duty carry was "mandatory" except when common sense dictated otherwise......drinking etc...some agencies even issued off duty weapons. Down here you have to remember outside of the PHX metro area it gets pretty rural and desolate. IN the urban setting it may take a couple on minutes for a second to show,,,but in BFE you have a long protracted way...even if your backup is running code at 110mph. THe job is ALL about being safe but if you are in the middle of nowhere with a job to do sometimes you just have to grow a pair and say a little prayer.
          You cant arrest me...I know my Commandments!!


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            I have hooked my share of DWI's by myself. If another officer shows up they'll help with the paperwork so I can get my prisoner to the intox faster.

            We have the option to carry or not carry off-duty. Some do, some don't.


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              Can you carry multiple weapons off-duty? I would want to carry at least 3.


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                Great answers...Thanks.

                I did not feel the person under arrest was enough of a threat to require backup, but for some reason I thought it was mandatory. The officer had the guy cuffed so fast he didn't have a chance to think about it.

                I would seem to me, however, that someone would be much less likely to resist if more than one officer was present.


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                  Wannabe, In metro, if its a slow night and someone has some action your chances of another unit showing up are pretty good. However, by the time they show up, youve already taken the subject into custody.

                  DPS does not tell us we have to have backup at all. I think comon sense prevails in these situations. Ive had my share that I knew it would be a knockdown dragout fight if the violator wanted it to be, but ive been lucky.

                  For the factors you can control; comon sense, good judgement and good tactics keep a solo officer safe in my opinion. For those factors you cannot control; well someone already said it, grow some balls and say a prayer!!!


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