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First Day Out in the Field


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  • First Day Out in the Field

    This is one is for officers who are new or veterans. If you could please share with us what it was like your first day out on FTO and then solo... you know, what type of feelings you had, types of calls, anything good, bad, regrets? anything. I think it would be good for us young guys or older guys looking to get on with an agency here in AZ. Thanks in advance for all the responses(hopefully).

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    When I was on FTO I was pretty nervous. I was very excited when they gave me a car to drive home. I didn't care that it was a swing car (like I even knew what that was at the time) I was just excited to be on the job.

    My first week of FTO was mostly paperwork and learning the area. The second week of FTO I was involved in three pursuits (one foot) and we got a stolen vehicle. I think we got a couple of arrests, the one who ran from us and I think we got a warrant as well. I know running Code 3 for the first time was pretty exciting.

    I remember when my FTO took me out for the first time and I was just thinking to myself, "wow, I am really here." It was a really good feeling.


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      My first day on FTO was a short 5 weeks ago, and my first hour on the job we were involved in 140 mph motorcycle chase all over mesa.

      I'm still on FTO, and every day is surreal. I keep feeling like "oh my god, i'm actually a cop now!" People come to us for all answers, and every time a citizen asks me a question or says "excuse me, officer..." I'm always looking around like, "who me?"

      It's a wild ride!!!
      "When I close my eyes.....I'll see you on the other side....!!!"

      Hate to put it this way skippy, buy every night I suit up and climb in the cruiser I'm at war. I'm always outnumbered, potentially out gunned and always behind enemy lines.


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        First night, first call while on FTO, was a bloods on crips drive by, 187 shooting. Day two, three and four were pretty much a mirror image of day one...not all nights in the Hub were this boring though.
        "Think like a man of action, act like a man of thought" ~Henri Louis Bergson


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          i'll tell you about it this summer when I hit the street


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            finally some convo on here. thanks a lot for your comments and stories.


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              I just finished FTO last night, and start on my own Sunday so I'll let you know then..


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                thanks i look forward to hearing it


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