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Glendale is really needing people


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  • Glendale is really needing people

    Last edited by Ritchie; 10-17-2008, 09:06 AM.

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    They're desparate because Glendale is out in BFE. It's almost an hour drive one way just to get to their testing site (for me)

    </sarcasm> I'll be at the june test though. Seeya there?


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      For me Mesa is all the way out of BFE.

      The testing site is 15 minutes away in heavy traffic for me.


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        The testing site is only 5 miles away for me.

        Rich where did you see that they wanted to hire 200 people in 07?

        I think on their staff study, that is posted online they wanted to hire 99 people over 3 years. I think they broke it down to 33 people a year for three years.

        I took the test for Glendale in March and hope to hear back from them soon.


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          Recruiter I talked to didn't specify any kind of numbers, he just said they wanted to hire as many as they possibly could.


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            Am I retarded? I can't find any of the paperwork they want you to have filled out on their website...


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              Originally posted by MesaHopeful
              Am I retarded? I can't find any of the paperwork they want you to have filled out on their website...

              scroll down to "How to apply"


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                Mayor focuses on police salary
                Says Glendale officers' pay not comparable

                Carrie Watters
                The Arizona Republic
                Apr. 21, 2007 12:00 AM
                The mayor's rally this week to increase police salaries beyond the 5 percent outlined in the city's agreement with the officers' union caught many - including the police chief - by surprise.

                Mayor Elaine Scruggs, during this week's budget session, said she is "embarrassed" that Glendale's starting salary ranks 11th among 14 Valley law enforcement agencies.

                A starting Glendale police officer earns a base salary of $42,132. Tempe tops the list at $48,925.

                Glendale increased the pay scale for new recruits by 10.2 percent in 2006, which put it in good standing compared with other Valley cities. That didn't last long because cities are increasing pay to attract police officers.

                The two-year union agreement, which runs through 2008, increased existing officers' salaries in 2006 but doesn't call for a bump to starting pay in the new budget year that begins in July.

                The mayor disagrees with that.

                "We're in a war for new officers," Scruggs said.

                Her position ruffled firefighters, who said problems are supposed to be addressed from the bargaining table up, not elected officials down.

                "As a mayor, am I not suppose to identify a structural problem when I see it?" Scruggs asked.

                City administrators are not convinced of the problem, saying salaries remain competitive. To gauge, administrators compare not starting pay but the maximum base salary an officer can earn.

                On that front, administrators said, Glendale ranks fifth among comparable cities such as Tempe, Scottsdale, Peoria and Phoenix.

                Administrators also point out that the city's average police officer makes $84,367 when including such benefits as insurance and overtime.

                Glendale Police Chief Steve Conrad said that the department currently has eight vacancies, the lowest in recent memory.

                Still, Conrad will need to ramp up recruiting efforts. He says he needs 99 more police officers in the next three to four years.


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                  Last edited by Ritchie; 10-17-2008, 09:07 AM.


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                    that article says that they need 99 officer, but they have 8 vacanies

                    do they plan on hiring people at a later date or somethen?


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                      That's what I am wondering. The recruiter told me that they were trying to hire as many as possible, and they bring you immediately on board as soon as you pass the testing.


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                        what they want to hire adn what the have the budget to pay for are 2 diff numbers

                        they want 99 officer they have money for 8 at the moment.

                        Glendale pays well the recruits i had in my class made 22 and some change a hour i think phx only paying 19.32


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                          What is the size of the city and the cost of living, i.e. housing etc?

                          It seems possible also that they may have a large number of people eligible for retirement as well. That may be what the crucial numbers are about.

                          Where is glendale compared to phoenix or mesa? Is it truly in BFE? I can't help laughing when you guys mentioned that, cause I lived in BFE in Alamagordo, NM.


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                            Glendale, like Mesa, is a suburb of Phoenix. Glendale is west valley and Mesa is east valley.


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                              Last edited by Ritchie; 10-17-2008, 09:07 AM.


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