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  • Testing with multiple departments

    Is it some way wrong, or looked down upon? I was talking with a Phoenix officer last night who gave me a heads up that departments look to see who you’re testing with, and they take offence to some departments. Which in a sense if you test with a lot of departments one after another, or even all at one it looks like you’re desperate or just “fishing” for a job. Anyone have any input? I have tested with Tempe, MCSO, Salt River, and Phoenix. I am currently working only on Phoenix and Salt River. But however I have aps in for Goodyear and Avondale also, but no word on that..

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    most everyone has applied with multiple departments. I have applied for three. I will aplly for one or two more in may and one or two more in June.

    There are two way sof looking at it.
    Some will look at it as.... oh look he applied at such and such.... we don't like him/her.

    some will look at it as..... here is a good qualified candidate..... we better get a move on before the other departments hire him/her and snatch him/her right out under our noses.


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