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Chances for hire in AZ?


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  • Chances for hire in AZ?


    I'm giving some serious consideration to applying at some departments in AZ. Mostly I'm considering the larger cities outside of Pheonix like Tempe or Mesa, etc. But being that I live in Minnesota, I'm just wondering what my chances would be before making the trip down there.

    Here are some of my qualifications. I'm almost done with my four year degree. I'd like to try and get hired before I'm done and finish the rest of my classes online, at my own pace. I have enough credits now that I could likely graduate with an AA and finish the rest later.

    As far as work experience goes, I've worked campus security for three years (part-time, student position) and was a Sergeant for about half that time. I also work on a part-time basis doing armed security for a private company. Currently my full-time job is working security for the local hospital. All my employers will provide glowing references.

    Although not related to law enforcement, I have some other experience that would "look good" as well. I served as the Opinions Editor for the college newspaper, held positions in student government and other organizations on campus, and I am an Eagle Scout. My background will be great, I don't even have a speeding ticket. The only thing I can think of that may cause concern are 3 or 4 small accidental overdrafts on some of my credit cards in the past couple years.

    I would have no trouble passing the physical tests I have looked at.

    Given my experience and education, do I stand a chance? Would it be worth the trip? I don't know what the competition is like in AZ, but it is tough up here in Minnesota. The market up here is flooded with folk that have resumes comparable to mine, and departments aren't recruiting up here they way they are in AZ.

    I want to go to AZ because I think it is silly to pay to go to a skills program in MN and then potentially wait forever to find a job. If someone like me can get a job in AZ, I don't know why I would stay here. I really love the Southwest and would love living in AZ, and I think working for a department there would be far more interesting than up here.

    Mostly I'm just really eager to get out of the security biz and into law enforcement. I feel like I'm not really learning anything anymore, like I'm just stagnating at my current job. It is way too easy, I need something more challenging. I know a lot of you would probably recommend I just finish school before moving on, but I think I'll go insane if I keep doing this security work. I have every intention of finishing school, but I'm really going nuts up here. I want to move NOW. I know that probably sounds brash and impatient, but I know I'm ready to move on.

    I know its hard to say if I would get a job without knowing me or meeting me. But based on what I've told you all, am I as qualified as other folks that are getting jobs in AZ?

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    With what you have said here, you wouldn't have much trouble finding a job in AZ. Of course that is barring something in your backround that I don't know about.


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      very good chances... although phx and dps hire the most applicants every month...


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        Phoenix needs about 1000 over the next three years. That is over 300 a year.
        Glendale needs about 200 this year alone
        Peoria was at 8 in January.
        DPS .... don't know how much they need. Don't really care either, because I will apply there no matter what.
        Paradise Valley had an opening for one or two not too long ago.
        Chandler hires all the time.
        Mesa "says" they hire all the time.
        MCSO is also always hiring.

        www.arizonastatejobs.gov has an opening for one (1) MOTOR VEHICLE FIELD OFFICER I. Looks like they will send you to the academy.

        There is also an opning for CAPITOL POLICE OFFICER RECRUIT in the same webiste listed above.

        Basically lots of jobs here.


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          p.s. as long as you pass all the tests and ivestigations and meet the minimum qualifications, you will not need all that experience.

          I am not even sure if it will put you in front of others, because you are judged on your tests.


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            Judging by the info you've posted, i'd say you have a great chance. Unless, of course, you like to cut yourself or fantasizing about having sex with livestock or something


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