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  • Agency fitness program (in-service)

    Anyone have a physical fitness program in your agency policy/regs? We are looking for an in-service program so that our Deputies can work out while on duty, and have it as part of policy.

    I found Peoria's online, but if you can share yours I appreciate it.

    Thanks in advance
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    Abandon Hope All Ye Who Embrace Such A Program

    My agency tried something like that 20 years ago, It turned out to be a nightmare and had to be abandoned.

    Each year a physical performance test was administered. The standards that had to be met were adjusted for gender and age. The theory was that by continually maintaining physical fitness, officers were less likely to be injured during altercations, foot pursuits, and when lifting, and were less likely to fall victims to heart attack, hypertension and stroke, all of which are presumed to be work related for cops in California. In turn, this would lessen on the job injuries, reduce lost time and disability retirements because of those injuries, and reduce overall costs to the department associated with such things.

    All officers hired after a certain date were required to take and pass the test annually. If they passed, they got an extra $130 per month physical fitness pay. If they failed, they were subject to termination. Officers hired before that date were not penalized if they did not take the test or if they took it but failed. If they passed, they too got the extra $130 per month. It was believed that the money saved on reduced workers comp and retirement claims due to enhanced physical fitness would more than pay for the extra $130 per month.

    Of course, maintaining the high degree of fitness necessary to pass the test required periodic workouts. In turn, this made any injuries sustained during those workouts job related and compensable under the workers comp laws. That's where the problems began. Few officers maintained true fitness throughout the year. Instead, the majority only started working out to get in shape a month or two before testing began. In the process, many people worked out too hard and injured themselves severely. Finally, things reached the point where the cost of workout injuries and disability retirements caused by them far exceeded what the department thought they would save by maintaining fitness and reducing orthopedic, heart and hypertension injuries in the first place. The program was then scrapped.
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      Phoenix is trying to implement something....don't know the details tho


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        Originally posted by AzLaw_E View Post
        Phoenix is trying to implement something....don't know the details tho
        Really? I hope it's like the above, where they'll pay for WO related injuries


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