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    Didn't have a chance to read all the threads so sorry if it was already discussed...does anyone have a clue how many Laterals Gilbert is looking to hire for their test in July? I received an email for testing for Laterals only. Any1 have additional info?? Thanks in advance.

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    I'd suggest picking up a telephone and dialing HR or whatever other contact number they gave you. You'll get an accurate answer rather than that of the rumor mill.
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      Normally I would have, but their email ended with, "Due to the overwhelming number of applications, it is impossible to field phone calls and e-mails prior to the physical agility test. Any questions you have regarding the hiring process will be answered at the test."

      Additionally, the "rumor mill" has been (surprisingly) fairly accurate with most of the hiring with other departments. I was just throwing it out there.


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