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  • Phoenix Police Chief Reassigned...

    Phoenix police chief reassigned pending review of kidnapping numbers

    16 comments by Lynh Bui and William Hermann - Mar. 3, 2011 02:32 PM
    The Arizona Republic

    Public Safety Manager Jack Harris will no longer be involved in the day-to-day operations of the Phoenix Police Department until the city completes another review of controversial kidnapping statistics used to win federal grant money.

    Executive Assistant Chief Joe Yahner will take over the day-to-day operations of the Phoenix Police Department as acting police chief.

    • Mayor Gordon backs police chief | Police chief defiant | video Video

    City Manager David Cavazos said at a press conference this afternoon that some of the kidnapping statistics used to win federal grant money were mislabeled and Harris will not be involved in the daily operations of the police department as the city conducts another review of the crime numbers.

    Cavazos said he learned of the mislabeled crime reports on Monday after receiving a preliminary report from the police department's internal review of the figures. Phoenix plans to assemble a group of independent experts to review the police department's reporting processes and kidnapping statistics from 2008. The panel, which has not been assembled yet, is expected to develop recommendations and report its findings to the Phoenix City Council within 60 days.

    Harris' salary and title will remain the same. However, he will not be stationed at police headquarters. He will remain focused on emergency management, criminal justice coordination, infrastructure and service security and public transit security.

    It was another chapter in a bizarre story that has played out since a controversy erupted over kidnapping statistics Phoenix police gave to federal officials in order to land a $1.7 million grant.

    Federal auditors currently are sorting though the police reports that Phoenix used to back up their contention that the city had a major problem with home invasions and kidnappings and needed funds to help deal with the problem. The auditors were called in after a Phoenix police sergeant said the kidnapping numbers had been inflated, and the Phoenix Law Enforcement Association, a police officers' union, said it too doubted the validity of the numbers.

    While police were waiting for word from the auditors, Harris ordered a reevaluation of kidnapping reports used to get the grant.

    On Monday, a police spokesman said that "the department has determined that there are reports that do not belong in these statistics ... and there are also numerous other existing reports that were not included within the kidnapping statistics, but should have been."

    That admission seemed to unleash a minor firestorm in City Hall, with some City Council members enraged over an apparent admission that the numbers given federal authorities had been carelessly generated.

    City Council members and even the mayor communicated their displeasure over the numbers controversy to members of the media, and television reports Tuesday night indicated Phoenix City Manager David Cavazos planned to reassign Harris on Wednesday.

    But Wednesday morning, Mayor Phil Gordon said that while he was unhappy over the kidnapping-numbers controversy, he fully backed Harris. City Councilman Michael Johnson joined Gordon in that vote of confidence.

    Later in the day, when it was expected by many - including several city council members - that Cavazos would announce Harris' reassignment or even firing, he instead issued a statement that seemed to put the whole matter on hold until Friday, when it was said an announcement would be made.

    Thursday morning, however, Cavazos decided to address the controversy later in the day.

    Read more: http://www.azcentral.com/community/p...#ixzz1FZizJgJD


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    take a few days off at work and this is what i miss.


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      Sorry to be the one to bear the bad news...


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        Bad news,,,,its the best news for Phoenix PD yet. God bless you guys, I hope your a great leader.


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          Falsifying stats to land a DHS Grant.........So what happens to all the gear they bought with the money?
          Last edited by FlyingPig1; 03-04-2011, 11:22 AM.


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            There is lot more to the story then the police chief lying to the feds so he can get more money. Phoenix is a big department and the chief himself doesnt compile the reports the sgt, lts, commanders do. People screwed up and because he's the head guy he's responsible.


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              Anyone catch his news conference after the shooting? Totally threw patrol under the bus and blamed them for it...funny thing is that every report that patrol writes goes to a detective bureau and a detective from that bureau reads the report and if it doesn't meet the qualifications of that crime such as it's titled a robbery but it's really a burglary that detective then reasigns it to the proper bureau....but it's all the young patrol officers fault


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                No loss, IMO.........sadly, whos's gonna replace him? Hope they go outside the Valley.....


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                  Hemi, I agree. I would like to see a tough, "cops's-cop," from the south or east coast. No more retired Phx or DPS officers taking these jobs. With the current culture in AZ, policing here needs a tough, hard-nosed, leader. Not another liberal leader, who would rather target his/her own than the true criminals.


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