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  • Originally posted by AZboy View Post
    My juvenile record only has minor trespass deal. I was 11 when me and my brother were playing on the wrong side of a downed fence. Cop just brought us home and told us to watch for signs next time we are out in a field. I fully disclosed everything in the beginning. I didn't have any secrets from them. I guess the thing that upsets me is that they knew everything in the beginning and instead of saying no thanks back then they wait until I am accepted though 90% of the cycle. Oh well. I have my name in at one other agency so we will see. If I get a permanent DQ from them as well then there must be something in my background that even I am not aware of. Good luck to the rest of you guys though.
    I think they consider the poly as part of BI. You may have failed the polygraph. It doesn't have to be lying during the exam, just a different answer between exam and application. Also could be different answer btwn applications to multiple departments (do all your employments and employment history dates match EXACTLY?). What seems like a tiny discrepancy to you, can be an indication of dishonesty to them and won't be tolerated.

    Also, make sure you have copy of your credit report and driver license record. Make sure your credit report is clear of any collections. Make sure you don't have bounced checks out there. Check to be sure someone isn't being "you" and jacking your stuff around (i.e. has someone borrowed your car and parked it illegally and ran up a bunch of civil traffic fines or possibly identity theft?). Run a background report on yourself if you can. Check your references and make sure they don't have convictions/arrests or other things and make sure they are "good" references (i.e. not the "oh yeah, I think we used to smoke pot together, can't be sure though." reference). You'd be surprised about how many people dislike police that they try to torpedo their friends chances, whether intentionally or unintentionally.

    Previous employment is also a good thing to check (i.e. you say you quit, they think you were fired for cause, etc, etc). Get a copy of your performance reviews/evaluations if you haven't done it.

    Get a copy of your DD-214 and make sure you listed any kind of punishment or charges that were brought even if later dismissed or no action taken.

    You can be permanently DQ'd for things that aren't related to your criminal record so if you are sure it's clean and you had full disclosure, look elsewhere.

    And don't be discouraged. Others have been "permanently DQ'd" from a department and still go on to a different one without a hiccup. They figure out what caused the DQ and learn from it presuming it's an honest mistake.
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    • Thanks for the advice MG. I have double checked everything but I will keep looking. I am not going to beat myself up on it though. I will worry about it if I start getting a lot of "No's" from multiple agencies.


      • Will be interesting how this plays out...although I am all for guys in there now keeping there jobs if it means they have to use this grant money to cover them.


        "Milstead also wants to rework the federal COPS grant that was approved last year for 25 new police officers. The aim now is not to add that many, but to prevent that many from being laid off.

        Assistant Chief John Meza said the federal government still would require those 25 positions to be assigned to community policing operations, as before. Other patrol duties would have to be shuffled as a result."


        • Well all, just got a letter from MPD saying, "Based on information discovered during the background investigation you will not be considered for employment at any time with our agency"

          I really have no idea what this could be about...I wish they would let you know as I am in the process with Pinal and I wonder if whatever it was is also going to strike me out for their process as well.


          • Well I have not been on here for a while...but last Heard it was suppose to be a MAY 10th start date but if no-one has got the final nod yet I would imagine it is getting pushed out since that is like 2 weeks away...I was going strong in this process....passed everything including Poly but then they said I had different info with a department I had applied with 4 months prior to them. My BI had me do a hand written statement explaining it and submitted it to the hiring board. They decided at that time to let me out of the process but my DQ was only for 2 years not permanent.....AZboy sorry to hear about that but without going into too many details I will tell you my juvy record was 3x worse then yours and it was no problem with them because I was honest about it, the reason I say this is it probv wasn't your juvy record but something else...the only thing that stopped me was to departements having different info on 1 incident. I told both agencies essentially the same thing but some of the details were different. I tried to explain that over the past 4 months going through multiple hiring process's with different agencies I remember more and more details about the incident so that was where the differing info was coming from...so advice is whatever you told the first agency you ever applied with write it down and never change it.... Good Luck to all still in the process...I decided to re-enlist in the Air Force for another 4 years then maybe the economy will be better and I can try again!
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            • Well, got a letter from Mesa stating, due to budget, they are postponing their May 10th academy until an undetermined date! My eligibility runs out in August, I guess I'm probably screwed! I'll have to reapply during better economic times.


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