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Proper attire for written exams.


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  • Proper attire for written exams.

    Was just curious on what everyone thought would be the proper attire to wear while attending the written exams?

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    My personal opinion is go Shirt and Tie to ANYTHING in your selection process. Sure you may be able to get away with a polo or collard shirt but why not do what you can to be as professional as possible. Go shirt and tie and see how the others dress. I think you'll be surprised. As a Ranking Officer I would want to know why someone didn't think their future was important enough to put on a decent shirt, tie, and dress pants. This of course is MY opinion. All the best with it however you go.
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      I usually wear my cleanest wife beater tank, kahki shorts down to my knees and my socks pulled up just below my knees. and if it cold I will wear my flannel pendalton with my beanie cap.

      suit and tie ALLWAYS


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        No one has ever approached me and said I shouldn't wear a suit.

        You won't be told to "dress down" unless it's for a medical or maybe a polygraph.

        I've only taken one polygraph, but I was in, basically, my military dress uniform due to the tight schedule I was on. I passed it, so something was done right.

        Wear a suit, or a shirt + tie at the minimum.


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