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Running Tracks in North West Valley


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  • Running Tracks in North West Valley

    I can't believe how hard it is to find a running track!

    I've been running in my neighborhood...used mapmyrun.com to get the distance, but I want to run on a track to see exactly where I am on time. There are hills in my neighborhood--I want to run on a nice, flat surface.

    There's a great track at the high school near me. Whenever I've gone over there, after school hours, it's locked up tighter than a prison.

    I've been calling gyms today to see if anyone has a track. I haven't found one yet. Boo. I live in Surprise, so I hope I won't have to travel too far.

    I've been to the track at GCC, but I have no idea what their hours are. I would hate to drive over and find it closed. Running in the mornings is not possible for me right now...I'd like to find a track that is open late...say 7 to midnight-ish.

    Any ideas?

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    just sent you a pm.


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      Hey chubadagawa, If you have info on a track could you PM me as well. I've been looking for one also. Checked with the highschools in my area & they've all told me I wouldn't be allowed to use their tracks. Thanks!


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        City of Peoria has an indoor track at Rio Vista park rec center at 101 and Tbird.


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          Thanks for the tip on Rio Vista...I forgot about that place.

          I looked it up and it looks like I can get a daily pass for $6 or a month for $30. Too bad I'm no longer a Peoria resident..it would be a little cheaper.

          Walking Track Walking Track

          Walkers and joggers alike will enjoy the rubberized surface meant to cushion each step. The Track is located on the 2nd floor, above the gymnasium in the pass holder area. The Walking Track consists of 3 lanes which will change direction on a daily basis. 14 laps on the outside lane equal 1 mile.Strollers will be permitted on the track only during "Family Track Hours" (Mon-Sat 10am-7pm). A stroller cannot exceed the width of a lane. A lane width is 2 feet and 7 inches. The child in the stroller may have water only. No food is allowed. Hands free, front or backpack infant carriers are permitted on the track.


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            I go to my old HS never had a complaint about me being there, but I go on Mon, Tues, Sat, and Sun. Because of Football season, PM me if u want more details.
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              Originally posted by CRJ-Jen View Post
              I've been to the track at GCC, but I have no idea what their hours are. I would hate to drive over and find it closed.
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                Thanks Sgt. Slaughter! Darnit! I wish I had checked the forums this morning when you posted this.

                My husband and I went to GCC tonight at 8pm and were met with this sign:



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