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    OK,I know it sounds stupid,but what does this mean?? Does this mean I just have to pass my medical and I'm in? Does it mean I'm just getting started with my background investigation?? It's been a while since I started the process and I just signed my conditional offer. Does that mean I have much longer to wait?

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    For Phoenix PD, it means they are giving you an offer, and it is conditional upon you passing the medical, drug, and psych evals. You pass those and you get final offer and start date. The written, physical, and background should be done.


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      The term "conditional offer" is very disappointing. It leads people to believe that they've secured the job. In reality, it's the agency's way of finding out if you are REALLY interested in working for them prior to them expending funds to do the background investigation, medical and psych tests.

      You will get the job based upon good results from the rest of the process. That's why it's "conditional".
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        Federal law (the Americans With Disabilities Act) prohibits an employer from making any medical inquiries of an applicant except in connection with a bona fide offer of employment. All other screening processes need to be successfully completed first before you can proceed to those areas. You usually get a letter saying you are offered employment subject to your passing those exams. Pass the medical and the psych and you are in. This is the conditional offer.

        Sometimes agencies will send you a letter saying employment is offered subject to you passing the background, medical and psych. The background needs to come first. Pass it and the medical and psych should follow. It has to be done in that order, because if they give you the medical first and you pass, failing you later on the background will put them in violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act.
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          I have been scheduled for my Medical. I guess this is a good thing


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            It means that everything up to this point has gone good. They likely would not offer you the conditional hire and send you to Medical and Psych if there was a problem with your packet.
            It's just another step in the right direction. Pass your Med and Psych and you should get a call.

            Good Luck!


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