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    I’m about to start the phoenix academy in December. If anyone has any information that could help me out I would appreciate it. I'm trying to find out what I would need to buy prior to joining the academy, and any tips I could get about the academy.

    I’m moving also from out of state, and was wondering where would be a good place to live that is close to the academy.


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    Nothing close to the academy is worth a flip. The area is a ghetto. Spend the cash to drive in from a nice neighborhood. Heck, you'll be carpooling anyway so try to find a place near some other recruits. There is a place that looks to be a decent place here http://forums.officer.com/showthread.php?t=99430

    Tempe is good, and yes, stay west of Rural and East of 48th Street. Many, many apartment complexes between Rio Salado and Baseline, Rural to 48th Street, college kids from ASU mostly.

    Also try southern Scottdale, central Phoenix along Central Ave. or Northern Glendale/Peoria area. Freeways will get you where you need to go in no time. Bring someone with you, use the HOV lanes.

    Good luck in the academy.

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      I was considering moving closer to the academy myself. The neighborhood is pretty crappy,but there are a couple of nice apartment complexes just to the east on Baseline. If I could get a 6 month lease,then it might be worth looking into.


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        If you have a crappy car and dont mind the sound of gunshots at night, the area around ALEA is ok......As 918 said, you'll be carpooling anyway.

        We had quite a few guys coming from Maricopa, Queen Creek and Apache Junction. They said the commute wasnt that bad, especially because they all switched off driving. Plus the commute gave them time to study.

        The couple of guys who did live close to ALEA regretted it since no one else was around and it is pretty sketchy in that area, the rules pertaining to not being in uniform/black and whites and not stopping anywhere (gas stations) within 5 miles of ALEA is there for a reason. There was a brawl a few years ago when a recruit stopped for gas, kinda stuck out in the neighborhood and some thugs approached him. Luckily for him, his classmates were also driving by and stopped. Turned into a pretty big fight.

        I personally wouldnt want to be staying close and having anyone in the neighborhood finding out I was a recruit.

        Just my two cents..


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          Trust me just because you're close to the Academy doesn't make things convienent for you. As previously posted find a nicer neighborhood and commute in. Stay away from the southside or westside...I live in Gilbert and it's only about 20 minutes to the academy from where I'm at. When I go there for Field Problems I leave later then you guys in the academy do and I still get there within 20-25 min with morning traffic. Don't be afraid of a little drive. The Peace of mind you'll have while NOT living near the academy due to the "hood" will do you good.


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            Congrats and good luck in the academy!


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                IDk, I haven't been to East Valley in a few, but last time i was there it was in an Ok zone...oh and camelback isn't to bad


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                  John's is not all that bad compared to other parts of town trust me that's the precinct I work in....and if Ace is the one just down the street same goes for that too....somebody needs to get in touch with whoever runs Ace and tell them to stop changing the damn name every year LOL.....Az Tactical is also a good place to go...but it's in an area that you'd think was bad if your already thinking John's is bad.


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                    The Academy was there loooong before the "city" was --- it was a Japanese internment camp during WWII! If you go to John's they have a list of basics you'll need like terms of clothing, etc. so it's kinda easier. STAY OUT OF SOUTH PHOENIX! Apts. there may look good but the neighborhoods are terrible. Look for apts. near the freeways, preferably in/near Tempe or North of Glendale Ave. if you're trying to stay in Phx. near the I-17. Make dure you have 2 of important items as you may lose something or a classmate may need your help. Teamwork is essential at the Academy & it WILL be remembered & noticed. Good Luck!


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                      I am looking for a place near the downtown area. Any suggestions? Is there any rule saying that one can't work and live in the same command?


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                        Great thread with great information!

                        I am thinking I will try to find somewhere in Gilbert if I finally get hired. Once I learn if I get a final offer or not, I will post on here and see if anyone wants to find a house/apartment to split. I would much rather live with people who are going through the academy also than live with someone who might turn out to be a druggie or alcoholic.

                        I can't believe people are living all the way in Queen Creek! Although, there are amazingly cheap places there due to the effects of the housing bust in that particular area.


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                          Lots of great places in Gilbert to live and it's not really that far from the Academy...30 min at the most....Dale try Fountains in the Green at 14th Street and Thomas....I lived there for the first few years I was on and never had any problems.


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                            I am starting the Academy for PHXPD in October.


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                              Originally posted by IIGaugeII View Post
                              I am starting the Academy for PHXPD in October.
                              Congrats, Gauge. Would you mind giving us some background? How long were you in the hiring process, previous experience, etc? Thanks!
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