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  • Testing for Police Officer positions

    Over the past few months I have noticed a trend among many potential police recruits that may be hindering their chances of being hired. In many cases, I could care less if the person trying out for a position is not hired as they are not worth hiring. On the other hand, I feel many qualified candidates may be shortchanging themselves by their conduct, appearance or demeanor. This can probably be attributed to a culture that in the past 10-15 years or so has been an advocate of grunge, youth not holding or competing for jobs until they complete college, video games ad infinitum and just a general lack of pride (controlled) and discipline.

    This of course does not apply to everyone, but it is becoming more prevalent. I have seen a few examples here on this forum. Many potential good recruits shoot themselves in the foot in the process of competing for a Police Officer’s position. Since many people posting here are competing for police positions, here are a few observations I have made over the years and maybe some helpful hints:

    1. Physical Fitness: Those who just barely pass the test don’t impress anyone. We do realize that many have just started a physical fitness program, but when you are this young and can barely pass a very easy test, it just tells us that fitness is not important to you or at least has not been. Yea the local PDs have many larda55es on them, but those guys are not running the testing. You should strive to max the test or come as close as possible. Those who barely make it- you will get your a55 handed to you on a daily basis in the academy.

    2. Demeanor and conduct: Don’t act like we owe you a job. We don’t and we don’t care if you get hired. Just because you have a degree or were in the military means nothing. Does it help? Sure, but its only icing on the cake. Someone who acts mature, humble and disciplined will get hired much faster than some ex-military MP with a BA degree who acts like an a55.

    Watch out who you hang around. Don’t hang out with people who get arrested every other week. Don’t hang out with people who you know use drugs or are involved with criminal activity and/or organizations. Don’t hang around strip clubs striking up relationships with these girls. They are all in debt up to their ears and are almost literally being pimped out. A few are not, but they are the exception to the rule. Many are involved in prostitution. Watch your alcohol consumption and where you hang out. Alcohol is ok and its cool, but it is a common denominator (sex / women may be actually more common) in incidents where cops get fired. If it will cause a cop to lose a job it surely can prevent you from getting one.

    3. Dress and appearance: Always wear the most professional attire you have available that is also appropriate. Job interview = shirt (ironed), slacks and tie or even a suit. Physical fitness testing= clean decent looking workout gear. No matter what you are doing, make sure you are clean shaven, combed hair and not smelling like a55. Also, don’t show up to anything hung over.

    4. Attitude: Always give 100%.....always. Don’t half a55 anything. Just meeting the minimum standard tells us just one thing about you- you are a low drive, low standards, mediocre type of guy.

    5. Money: Get out of excessive debt if it applies and hold a steady job.

    6. Education: Go to school at every opportunity. Get a degree.

    The position of Police Officer is a professional position. If anyone doubts this you can just look up the salaries being offered for professionals with degrees and certifications. Cop salaries are very competitive. Since this is so, act and look professional and you will go far.

    PS- I dont do hiring, but I have been an RTO and have seen the product coming into the academy. Heeding the above advice will help you succeed and make life a bit easier.

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    Good post! Thanks for the information.


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      I've already taken on this mentality in regards to the hiring process and will agree that it's great advice for anyone attempting to make it. I know that I would never take my status as a military vet to mean that I'm anything special or that I will breeze through any law enforcement training. Hell, I'm trying to keep myself from being nervous about it since I want it so bad.

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        I would have to agree with this post totally. With my age and being a little older, I know that I have to stand out against these younger recruits. On my last test in PEORIA I was actually shocked to see how people showed up. People wearing blue jeans and wholy t- shirts, and not clean shaven. Myself on the other hand with being in the work force and having come from a LAW ENFORCEMENT family, I know how to look and act. There were alot of guys clowning around and I don't know if they were noticed or not as I was only worried about myself and not making a fool of myself. Needless to say I got a denial letter about 2 weeks ago but I start a volunteer program with them in the next week or so. I'm still pushing myself to get better and improve where I think I need to. Thanks for posting that as it makes me feel a little better.
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          Good Point!!
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