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    I just recently applied, and sent my background packet to AST. They stated I would be notified in December if they wish for me to come in from out of state in January for a week or so. Has anyone been through this process, and if so, can you tell me what I can expect between now and December, as well as any particulars positive or negative about the department? I've been reading a lot, but worth of mouth is always helpful.

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    I applied back in 2006 and my packet went and went all the way up to the Col.

    You will now go through a background investigation, and investigator will call and speak with you and your wife (if applicable) and your references. You also need to take a PT test (not to hard). If they decide to have you continue the selection process when you come up you will go down to Anchorage and go to an interview and they will have you fill out a paper before hand then they will ask you stuff about that paper during the interview. You also have to take a 1500 question (give or take a few questions) psychological test asking you various personal questions. You also have a medical exam, a drug test, a polygraph where you will have to re-fill out paperwork from the initial investigation and then go through the polygraph. Finally you have to sit down with the shrink and he will ask you questions. After all that your packet will go up to the Col (or who ever has final say in selection) If you pass all that then you will go to the February academy, graduate in May, get assined to either Fairbanks, Anchorage, Palmer, Wasilla or there is one more that I can't remember, for Field Training for a year, then after that you will end up in a remote location any place not major cities, and you would be at the needs of the troopers for 5 years (they can send you any place they want) after that you then "bid" for the places you want. If you have any mroe questions let me know and I can talk to a fellow Air Guard's men who is an Alaska State Trooper in Fairbanks.
    Justin Stuart


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      Let me clarify a bit...

      If you are offered a position at the academy, you will report to Sitka for the 18 week "live-in" academy. During the first 3 or 4 weeks, the Department asks for a "wish list" for your first duty assignment. Your choices will be Palmer, Fairbanks, or Soldotna. You will know your first assignment around the end of week 4 or or so. After you graduate, you report to your duty station and complete a 15 week Field Training and Evaluation Program (on the job training). At the completion of that, you are on your own, enforcing the laws of the state. For the first 12 months (from the day you start the academy) you are a probation employee "Trooper Recruit" and promote to Trooper after you complete probation. You will be at your first duty station for 2 years minimum (unless you volunteer to move before that) and most Troopers remain at their first duty station for an average of 3 to 4 years. The Department encourages you to bid a new duty station sometime around your third year because occasionally, they have to force transfer a Trooper to a "less desirable" location due to lack of interest. When this becomes necessary, the most senior member who has less than 5 years on the department, who has not yet moved, usually gets forced transferred. This is not too common though. If you do get forced, the good news is you can bid out of there after two years. If you have more than 5 years on the department, you are safe from a force transfer.

      You are paid while at the academy and the department moves you, your family, two vehicles and your household goods. There are various posts in an assortment of communities from urban, both on and off road, rural, on and off road, and bush (off road). Each brings it's own set of benefits and challenges and that's what keeps it entertaining!


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        Thanks to both of you for the great information. Bornalaskan, sent you a pm.


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          Not so easy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          I just finished the hiring process for Aug 3rd Academy and I will tell you that the hiring process has a lot of room for improvement. I applied back in Feb., went through back ground, which is this first big hurdle which took three hours on the phone. I was accepted to continue the process by traveling to Anchorage for continuation of the hiring regime . This is where the fun begins!!!!!!!!!!!!! First the physical test for me Age 42 no problem. Let me back up a minute. A.S.T brings about 40 applicants to Anchorage for testing and keep in mind gents & ladies, that this is after a very lengthy background investigation.These 40 our broken up into three groups 12,13 or so. Then with maybe some variance in this order, oral board,written psych, polygraph, physical,oral psych, each day one of these steps is completed. The oral board, passed the written psych,passed the polygraph,passed the physical and oral psych? Other than failing the physical fitness test on day one or oral board on day two, you will never really know what disqualified you. I spent four thousand dollars traveling from Florida to fulfill a life long dream. Well!! it didn't happen. I left Anchorage without a doubt that I had passed everything and was looking forward to my phone call in the first of July. Phone call never came ! Let me back up again. When you pass your oral board you sit down with a recruiter. He is A Jar head, so I will leave him out of the sour grapes I feel for this agency. This is where you are told the most important thing about your hiring process. Its in Morse Code so pay close attention. The recruiter will look at you and say, if for some reason you are dropped from the hiring process, they can't tell you what went wrong, "you Know the truth". No!! Instead they will give you the A.S.T version of Morse Code. Ready! This is what you will be told, If you fail the Polygraph you will be told to re-apply next cycle. If you fail the psych , "the Doc"! you will be told to re-apply next year!!. Well you won't Know the answer to that question unless you contact them by E-mail or phone. The letter you receive will tell you nothing about why your were dropped!! I spent $4000 thousand just to receive a generic letter not even signed, how pathetic !!! Yes I e-mailed them and my morse code was I failed the psych. Bull S t!! They picked 14 out of 40 for Aug 3rd. I will close with this. I befriended a candidate in Anchorage who was picked for the academy, 36 hours into training he washed!!!! You would think the doc could have seen this coming, maybe not. I really thing in my case, that this was age discrimination, but I have no way to prove that. If it sounds like sour Grapes you are damn right! I'm a Marine and really feel that this agency could do a little bit better with their hiring process!! I send this message not to discourage you from A.S.T , but to remember that nothing in life is what it seems!!!! Good luck



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            Thanks for the heads up marines85......I'll spend my $ 4,000.00 in incriments elsewhere.


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              Semper Fi !! Good luck....


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                I thought it sounded a wee bit too good to be true... That's why I didn't pack my Florida bags...
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                  Originally posted by dannmann1050 View Post
                  I thought it sounded a wee bit too good to be true... That's why I didn't pack my Florida bags...
                  Sounded too good to be true? I doubt AST guaranteed him a job before he flew up. Anyone interested in law enforcement should know that majority of people who apply are not selected. Our department has about a 5% success rate from testing to hiring. I know it sucks for those that fly here, invest a lot of time and money only to be unsuccesful. Unfortunately for him it didn't work out. It didn't work out for me either the first time I applied, I had to wait 2 years before I was eligible to apply again. That was a long two years, but that was 12 years ago, so in the end it was no big deal.

                  Traveling to Alaska in the summer is very expensive because that is when all the tourists also want to come here so there is a run on hotels, rental cars, flights etc. It would be nice if the agencies could help with travel costs but then we would end of paying for a lot of flights for people who just want a free trip to Alaska.

                  If you really want it, don't give up! But then I shouldn't have to tell a marine that.

                  Best of luck,



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                    You guys are right that it would be great if we could tell each applicant what exactly prevented them from moving forward. However, it would result in coaching the applicant and basically telling what the answers are to the questions instead of getting their honest answers. I know when I got rejected the first I could only assume it was the psych interview because everything else went fine. But even though I work here now I still don't what happened the first time.

                    The other issue would be the sheer volume of candidates that our departments get, we would have to triple our staff to talk to each candidate about their process. I could imagine how a large department like LAPD would handle it.



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                      don't give up

                      I know that I would be personally disappointed if I made it through almost all of the process only to be told at the end stages that I cannot continue. Especially in my case now, my fiance and I are all about Alaska. I am going for testing in September in Ann Arbor for the APD and all we have been talking about these past few months is how we are so excited to potentially move out there and start a new life in such a wonderful place. We have been researching housing, schools, the climate, and basically everything Alaska. I know that I would be really upset if the process was halted prematurely, but to be honest, that would make me try that much harder. I know that the APD still tests for out of state people, and I would think that if I flew to Anchorage for testing, it would show them that I am seriously dedicated to my future. The opportunity is there, you just have to want it bad enough to make certain sacrifices. Dropping 4k on flights sucks, and that is why we are starting to save now. We want to make sure that (God forbid) if I am not accepted after the initial testing in Michigan, we aren't going to be set back by any of the costs to travel out of state. Good luck in your future testing and I hope that this hurdle doesn't make you give up completely.


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                        Originally posted by thiscoplovescoins
                        But what about doing the poly in your home state? Would you guys do that? Also, at what point other than the academy would you have to go north for the process or the completion of it before being hired?
                        I sort of jumped in on the AST discussion, unfortunately I am not sure what they are capable of arranging. I know that our department (APD) uses our own Detectives to administer the polygraph here at the station. I'll stay out of the rest of this discussion as I am probably just making it confusing.

                        coins-I'll pm you



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                          Originally posted by alaskariverguy View Post
                          The other issue would be the sheer volume of candidates that our departments get, we would have to triple our staff to talk to each candidate about their process.
                          Triple your staff...that would make it what? Three?
                          ...hunter of the shadows is rising...


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                            Originally posted by marines85 View Post
                            I spent four thousand dollars traveling from Florida to fulfill a life long dream. Well!! it didn't happen.


                            If you itemize your deductions on your federal income tax instead of taking the standard deduction, you can deduct all your travel expenses --- job hunting expenses are completely deductible.

                            If you do itemize, use form 2106 (business expenses) which feeds onto schedule A (itemized deductions) which feeds onto form 1040 as a nice credit against taxable income. You have to use the long 1040 form, not the short form 1040A or 1040EZ.

                            Semper Fi,

                            4th Medical Battalion, 4th Marine Logistics Group, MARFORRES
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                              The other issue would be the sheer volume of candidates that our departments get, we would have to triple our staff to talk to each candidate about their process. I could imagine how a large department like LAPD would handle it.


                              LAPD lets the applicant know EXACTLY what portion they failed.


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