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  • Question about AST

    Hey guys, I have a couple questions regarding employment with AST.

    I'll give a rundown of my background, for those who haven't read it long ago in the AAC/General Discussion boards:

    I am currently a 20.5 yr old majoring in CJ with a semester left until I recieve my degree. After graduation I will be attending a police academy to get my BPOC license in Texas. After getting my cert, I will commense the application process with various agencies in the Houston area. This will be helped by the fact that i'll be licensed by the state.

    However, because I'm from the great state of North Dakota, I have a desire to apply further north, where the weather is colder, and so I don't fry in the Sun for 330 days a year. AST has piqued my interest for years now. Top to bottom, they seem to have a very professional organization, and I look forward to applying with them. That being said...onto my questions...

    Do all troopers have a requirement to serve in a remote village outpost? Just curious, because being a 'city guy' it would be a tough adjustment, but one I would be happy to make if mandated.

    Can an applicant be selected to join the Bureau of Highway Patrol as a rookie trooper? I have a knack for spotting traffic violations, and Id love to work traffic (personal reasons; many friends lost due to accidents from reckless traffic issues). I'd love to promote traffic safety on those scenic Alaskan highways.

    I appreciate anyone willing to read my wall of text, and any responses are much appreciated. Sorry if any spelling errors arise, I'm on a mobile device on my lunch break.

    Thanks again,

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    Usually it's the detachment commander and deputy commanders who select BHP. You can be selected after probation. There's folks at my post who were selected a year or two after FTEP and experienced guys with more time on.

    There's no "village time" requirement. If you haven't moved geographically in your first 5 years and the department needs to fill a position that nobody else volunteers for you may be force moved. May or may not be bush.

    Generally we don't get posted in small villages but rather hubs which can be small cities like Bethel or larger villages like McGrath. We then travel out to other villages and communities.
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      PM me if you want to talk more about it.
      I intend to go in harm's way. -John Paul Jones


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