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    Has anyone heard anything regarding the recent Palmer PD hiring announcement that closed on Friday.

    Also does anybody have any in sight into the department.

    1. Morale.

    2. What equipment is supplied.

    3. Whats the area like to live and work in.

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    Not sure if you saw this already, but this was originally started early this year.
    I sent in my app & never heard back from them. Guess they wanted someone local as I was an out-of-state applicant. No worries tho, I'm moving back to AK in 2 weeks!!! SUPER EXCITED!!!


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      Thanks, I received an acknowledgement card that they received my application but I haven't heard anything since but its still early.


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        Originally posted by badger54 View Post
        Thanks, I received an acknowledgement card that they received my application but I haven't heard anything since but its still early.
        Same here, guess time will tell.
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          I can offer a little info as I used to work for them as a dispatcher, and currently have a lot of friends in the PD.

          It's a good department with a Good group of guys. Quite a bit of experience and mostly all active/happy people. There is almost zero turnover there, so that says something. The Chief of quite a few years just recently retired and the ex Commander (LT.) has taken over. Smaller department in a reasonably quiet town. There is certainly still action to be found if so desired. Palmer has tried to stay with it's farming roots and is a nicer, quieter community compared to it's neighboring towns. There is however less chance for growth and special positions. Seniority is very slow to come as well. They are currently working 7 12's, week on week off, which some people like, some hate.

          I believe they supply nearly everything, except things like outer carriers, boots, lights, etc. And there's a PPD guy on here that can add additional I'm sure.


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            Brader said it fairly well. Also, for now, a home car is provided if you live within 10 miles of town as the bird flies, but that can always be taken away as budgets and political climates change. Most of us buy what we need ourselves. We are given an "uniform allowance" check twice a year to offset costs. The department does provide gear for the duty belt, but we are short on duty belts. They also provide the uniforms.

            We work pretty closely with the Troopers on a daily basis, sometimes backing them up, sometimes they come to help us. We serve about a population of 4500 with obvious increases during the work day. The big "thing" for Palmer is the Alaska State Fair in August, which is a blast.

            The previous Palmer PD position which was posted was a grant funded position and the grant fell through. I don't know why applicants were not contacted though. I thought they had been. This position which is currently open is to back fill for the promotion process which occured when the old Chief left. Everyone just moved up the ladder internally creating the position vacancy. I believe the first portion of the testing, which is the Nelson-Denny test, is scheduled for the third week of August, but I don't know if notifications have been sent yet.


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              Has anyone heard anything recently from Palmer?


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                The State Fair just got over, which should help speed things up I would think....
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                  Thanks to all that applied. The brass made the selection today and offered the job to the selected applicant. I'm sure they would have liked to send out notices themselves, but being as I have felt the horrible feelings of waiting on a decision, I thought you should know sooner than later. I would think the "official" letters should go out soon.


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                    Did they even do any testing? I never heard anything from them other then the letter telling me they had received my application.


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                      I don't know how they went about sending notifications, but I do know about 30 people were invited to start the testing process back in mid August. 5 people made it all the way through and the Chief made the selection.


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                        I do know I never got an invitation... lol And I have been a police officer for 6yrs
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