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APD firearms ???


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  • APD firearms ???

    Just courious, what is APD issuing now. When I retired they were issuing Smith 28s and model 13s. They had just started letting us carry our privately owned Autos, I did carry a USGI 1911a1.

    Just wondering about the firearm policy now.

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    I believe, could be wrong...info from when I was applying 6 months ago...that the issue weapons are Glock 21 or 22's depending on the person. From what I understand, you can qualify to carry just about anything you want as your duty weapon, though. 1911's, Sigs, XD's...I've heard they are all used depending on the officer.
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      weapons issue

      Hey Kraig;
      We are in fact issuing Glock 21's & 22's depending upon hand size and preference but allowing carry of any personal weapon approved by the Head Armorer (Ted Smith) with in given peramiters (very much what was in place when you left). The only real shift is away from shotguns to patrol rifles. The academy recently took delivery of twenty ARs to begin teaching the rooks in the initial training rather than making them go to a rifle course afterward.

      Good move in my humble opinion.


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        LOL I can't believe Ted Smith is still around. Shoot, he should be dern near as old as I am.

        I think going to the Autos is one reason they let me keep my Service Revolver when I left.


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          Since Ted hired on after I did I assume you are talking you and he aged because I certainly have not! Ted is still working swing shift patrol and seems to be having a good time, his brother Steve (dont know if he was there when you left) is now D.C.


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            Yeah Steve was there. I thought I heard he took over as chief FAs instructor after I left. Guess I heard wrong.

            Yeah right, you arent aging on Bit, you'll all ways be young, you and Ross Plumber.


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