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  • Tuscaloosa PD

    I noticed the Tuscaloosa PD is hiring.

    Does anyone have any info on these guys? Starting pay is just shy of $40K. Looks like the written test is March 5th. How is the physical agility test?

    How about the moral of the dept? Thanks.

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    The physical agility test will be the APOST minimum standard.
    ROLL TIDE!!!


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      From what I know about them, they are a pretty good dept. We hired an officer from them several years ago and he enjoyed it for the most part and if the drive wasn't so far, he wouldn't have been looking to leave there. But he wanted to come here for more $ and less commute.
      Tusc. is a typical college town. Good cost of living. Lots of housing options. Malls, restaurants, etc. The dept. is large enough to have many specialized units, so there is oppotunities to do whatever you want.
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        B'ham PD

        Can someone tell me how B'ham PD pay scales work ,I know you start at grade 17 which is around 35k ,how fast do you move and after a year about what are you making?


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          If you try posting this in the Bham PD forum or open a new thread instead of hijacking the Tuscaloosa thread you might get an answer.
          Matthew 5:9 "Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be known as the children of God."


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            Does anybody know how many officers TPD is hiring? And also when the next academy is?


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              Sorry about that!!!!!!

              Originally posted by DubyaB View Post
              If you try posting this in the Bham PD forum or open a new thread instead of hijacking the Tuscaloosa thread you might get an answer.
              I didn't know I couldn't ask a question on this post that wasn't about Tuscaloosa PD.

              I'm new to this.


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                Tuscaloosa has 15 in the Academy right now and just hired 4 that are in the "in house" training.
                Not sure if they're hiring any more but the "in house" training is 8-10 wks long. Next Academy is scheduled for April I think??
                Call Tuscaloosa HR they'll be able to tell you if they're excepting apps.
                Last I heard they were just pulling out of the roster and not excepting apps.
                You should call though to be sure.

                Ok correction. TPD is excepting apps now, I don't know how many they're hiring. The rest is still the same, 15 presently in the Academy, 4 just hired.
                Next Academy date is 26th April.
                I was hired in Oct 09, so I haven't been there long, but everything I've seen or been through it is a top notch department.
                Good luck.
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                  I worked wth TPD's Code Enforcement Unit yesterday. They're a great group of guys.

                  Chief Anderson was working with us also. When I say working, I mean that he was in the trenches with the rest of us. He didn't just "supervise". I was impressed.
                  ROLL TIDE!!!


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                    Sounds like a great department. Does anyone know if they offer any educational incentives? Some departments pay a little extra if you have a Bachelor or Masters degree. Thanks again and be safe!


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                      Nope, no extra for the college boys.


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                        Thanks Roach. Appreciate it!


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                          I want to revive the Tuscaloosa PD thread, as TPD is a department that I have spent some time considering. I am a non-LEO but have seriously considered a career change into law enforcement. I grew up about 90 miles away from Tuscaloosa, so it would be a nice option as far as being close to home. Tuscaloosa is a growing city, so I would assume that TPD will be growing in the future as well.

                          Looking at the city website and the TPD website, here is the information that I have been able to gather. I was pleasantly surprised by the starting pay, as the pay is just about on part with Nashville and Memphis and I believe it could be just about the best starting pay in Alabama. The Sergeant and Lieutenant pay isn't as good as I would have liked but I imagine that it could be increased upwards in the coming years as the city and the department grow (just a guess on my part). The cost of living in Tuscaloosa also isn't bad.

                          Tuscaloosa Pay Scale:

                          Police Patrol Officer (Recruit): $44,915.19 (min) to $59,600.09 (max)
                          Police Patrol Officer: $44,915.19 (min) to $59,600.09 (max)
                          Police Sergeant: $51,417.16 (min) to $68,228.26 (max)
                          Police Lieutenant: $55,318.66 (min) to $73,404.86 (max)
                          Police Captain: $65,721.80 (min) to $87,209.62 (max)
                          Assistant Police Chief: $73,524.49 (min) to $97,563.42 (max)
                          Police Chief: $92,380.53 (min) to $122,584.48 (max)


                          It looks like TPD's health insurance & dental insurance is offered via Blue Cross/Blue Shield. Deferred Compensation appears to be available as well. Life Insurance appears to be available via Mutual of Omaha. I am not sure if this is supplement life insurance or if the city automatically provides a certain amount of coverage for all officers.

                          Retirement: There is a separate retirement plan for Tuscaloosa police & firemen that requires employees to contribute 11.25 percent of their gross pay to the retirement fund. What I have found states that TPD employees can retire at either age 65 or with 20 years of service. I am not sure what the pension benefits look like at 20 years.

                          Additional Pay:

                          Shift Differential Pay: Here is what I have seen on the city website: Employees who work a qualifying shift are eligible for shift differential pay of forty cents ($0.40) per hour subject to a maximum of eighty (80) hours per pay period. A qualifying shift is a regularly scheduled work shift that is at least eight (8) hours but not more than twelve (12) hours and begins between 1:30 p.m. and 1:00 a.m.

                          Bi-Lingual Pay: not sure if TPD offers this.

                          Longevity Pay: I read that TPD offers a Longevity Bonus after 5 years of service. I am not sure of the amount and whether or not it is a yearly bonus or a one-time bonus.

                          Clothing Allowance: I assume they have it but not sure on the amount.

                          Education (Associate's, Bachelor's, Master's): it has been stated here that there is no additional pay based on the officer's education; TPD apparently does take this into account when considering the application for employment.

                          Overtime Pay: TPD apparently does offer overtime & overtime pay. I am not sure how much overtime is available in Tuscaloosa and not sure whether most of it is official TPD overtime and how much would be available as off-duty opportunities.

                          Based on the link below, it sounds like COL increases and step raises are possible, though I don't know if this is an every year occurrence and if TPD officers get both a step increase and COL increase in some years.


                          If anyone has more information or can fill in some of the blanks, it would be appreciated. I know that we have had some TPD officers reading this board, though I am not sure if they still do or not.


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