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    I've been looking more into how work schedules work in P.D. What kind of a schedule does the Bham P.D. have? How does that fit with court days? What should I expect as far as working day or evening shifts? Is it easy to get time off, even if it's not payed time off?
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    Birmingham works 8 hour shifts...well 8 and a half. 0630-1500 1430-2300 and 2230-0700. The extra half hour is for roll call and it breaks even with taking a lunch break. Coming out of the academy you will work 8 weeks on one shift then 8 weeks on another. AFter the training car you'll generally be assigned to a shift based on your ranking in your class at your precinct. You will more than likely get evenings or mornings. Don't expect to get day shift for a long time. Most of the old timers are on that shift.

    If you are scheduled to go to court during your off time you will be given an overtime slip to turn in to your Sgt. If you are scheduled during your work time you will go 10-10 (out of service) until you get done.

    Taking time off with out pay is a bad thing. You lose seniority that way. You will build up OC time and that's what you use if you don't have vacation time to use.
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