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Any Australian members with vehicle knowledge?


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  • Any Australian members with vehicle knowledge?

    For almost 20 years, my wife has wanted a Holden Ute- an HSV Maloo, to be specific. I blame Richard Hammond.

    Here in the U.S., we cannot import vehicles from other markets until they are 25 years old. From what I can tell, Holden Special Vehicles only made a few hundred Maloos a year, on average.

    2001 is the first year of the LS-powered Maloo, as well as the first year for the more modern VU (VX) bodystyle, so we're looking at those.

    We can live with right hand drive- there is no legal requirement for vehicles to be left hand drive here, and this would not be her primary transportation. We are okay with either an automatic or a 6-speed, and are open to any number of colors.

    I'm expecting U.S. buyers to snap them up once they reach 25 years old, and also concerned about speculators causing the prices to go up once they become importable into our country.

    So I was considering purchasing a Maloo before it turns 25 years old, storing it (insured) in a storage unit in Australia until it turns 25, and then importing it into the U.S..

    We'd probably want to fly over to inspect the vehicle first, so I thought I'd reach out to see if we have any Australian members here...
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    I thought of you when I read this,


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