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    This in my view was wrong, I don't blame the PM but I believe the Police Commander should have removed the Officers from the background during what was essentially a politically speech by the PM.


    This is what happened in Australia when a politician tried to pull a similar stunt,


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    I don't know how these things work in the UK. Here in the US uniformed cops are regularly put on display when politicians want to sell their next program to the voters. Every election cycle sees political candidates flirting with local and national police groups, seeking endorsements. Politicians in office pushing their current pet legislation like to have photo backdrops of uniformed cops, military personnel, disabled veterans, etc. Rank and file officers usually have no say in the matter; when the boss says to show up and pose for the cameras that is what must happen.

    During my years as a city cop I assisted on security details for Presidents Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, and George H.W. Bush, as well as Secretary of State Henry Kissinger and several senators and congressmen. There was always a "meet and greet" photo op, lots of glad-handing, autographed photos and souvenir gifts. With mortgage payments, couple of hungry children to feed, and a stack of bills to pay I was usually happy to collect a few hours of overtime pay, regardless of the political critter or agenda being pushed. I have no idea whatever happened to all those photos, pens, collar pins, and other nonsense.


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