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NYPD - No Irish Need Apply


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  • NYPD - No Irish Need Apply

    Sign of the times, I guess.


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    No offense, but IF all Irish were crybabies like the author of this skewed article...they would have never been successful in law enforcement in the first place.

    Encouraging underrepresented groups (including women) to apply to the NYPD is not the same as excluding the Irish.
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      There is no coldness towards any group. All are welcomed to apply.


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        Originally posted by TUNEDNIMPORTED View Post
        There is no coldness towards any group. All are welcomed to apply.
        Yeah, fair enough I get the drift and understand how you folks need to be careful what you say in public but of course this hasn't been the first time that No Irish Need Apply,


        No Irish Need Apply

        Back in 1842, “a city council committee issued a report decrying the level of crime and the apparent level of ineffectuality of the official efforts to combat it,” write James Lardner and Thomas Reppetto in their excellent 2001 book NYPD: A City and Its Police.

        “Thousands that are arrested go unpunished and the defenseless and the beautiful are ravished and murdered in the daytime and no trace of the criminal is found,” declared the breathless city council report.

        Two years later, New York governor William Seward created a unified force of 800 men, who would be appointed to their job by local aldermen. The problem for the Irish was that James Harper (of the famous publishing family) had just become mayor of New York City, running as a candidate for the infamous anti-Irish, anti-Catholic Know Nothing Party.

        “The Know-Nothings preferred to have [police officers] named by the mayor, since ward control, in parts of the city, meant giving immigrants lots of input,” according to Reppetto and Lardner.

        In other words, no Irish need apply.

        I have an interest in the Irish Diaspora and thus my reason for quoting and discussing this article - nothing personal and in any case I'm sure Pat Lynch will keep an eye on things as will the NYPD Emerald Society.


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          Saw this posted on a Facebook LEO page, true the numbers are probably down, but the number to actually look at, is how many Irish are actually applying as opposed to looking at the number hired. Of course the number will be down if they aren't applying. Can't hire people who don't apply. For as messed up as NYC is, I don't think they are systematically trying to keep the Irish away. Like any PD or government organization, they are looking to have a diverse agency. Let's be honest, folks no who the NYPD is, and I'm sure the Irish do. It's not like the city has to advertise to get brand recognition. NYPD is known globally

          And yes, I am Irish


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            I stand by my all are welcomed to apply but I'm catching the impression that they aren't looking for the same candidate they used to look for. Just a hunch...and this goes for most " uniformed" agencies in the city. Is it more transparent than it was in the past?Maybe but all I know is its hard as hell to compete with some of the class acts the city hires ( some of whom still have cushy pay and jobs).I'm sitting here getting the the book thrown at me because that one time when I was like 11 and I got into a little trouble....Most of these agencies need to start doing panel interviews...


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              I found this interesting summary in relation to the topic,



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                [QUOTE=JohnKelly;n6655181]Sign of the times, I guess.


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