Even when it was known as the Royal Irish Constabulary (RIC) and then the Royal Ulster Constabulary (RUC), this Force has for decades been riddled by politicial interference.

Best wishes for the future to all members of this fine Force.

Here is a News Report courtesy of the Irish Examiner.

[COLOR=Blue]Progress towards completing police reforms in the North has been let down by lack of political backing, a watchdog report said today.

Oversight Commissioner Al Hutchinson also warned the street violence which erupted across Belfast earlier this month proved some were still opposed to the sweeping changes.

In his latest assessment on efforts to implement the Patten blueprint for a complete overhaul to the Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI), Mr Hutchinson revealed 114 of the 175 recommendations have been completed.

All of the main institutions involved in the process - the Police Service of Northern Ireland, the Policing Board, which holds Chief Constable Hugh Orde to account, the District Policing Partnerships and Police Ombudsman Nuala O