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  • M.O.D Police

    Hi there I have a friend who has recently applied to the police and been rejected. He's now thinking of applying to the M.O.D Police and has asked me what its like or what they do.
    But I have no idea!
    Does anyone know what the ministry of defence police are like to work for? what do they do? how does the work relate to home office forces?
    Any advice would be great

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    I worked for their American counterparts in the Dept. Of Defense. They are armed compared to their municpal counterparts. Much like the DoD police in the US we patrol military bases and the such since a majority of the troops are deployed.
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      MoD Police - UK

      G'day Tommy, here is a Link to another Thread on the MoD Police which should give you some useful info.

      I reckon that it would be a top job for a person interested in Protective Security but in my opinion not the job for a high flyer who wants to chase crooks. I remember years ago when it was known as The War Department Constabulary. I would say that even today, it still attracts mainly ex military who see it as a nice little secure job in a uniformed and disciplined environment that they can relate to.

      There appears to be some restructuring going on in relation to the Protective Security responsibilities and there appears to be an overlapping of services provided by the Royal Military Police Guard Service and so I would suggest to your friend that they do some thorough research.

      Remember also, that MoD Police is a national force and so the member would be required to serve in any part of the UK.

      orlandofed5-0 - I was surprised to find that the DoD Police was not a national federal force but instead are separate organisations whose members are employed by individual Military Bases and their uniforms, badges and I guess pay and conditions are determined by the local military authorities?



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        John.. The answer to your question is yes and no.

        The US does not have any national police forces as that is against the constitution per say. In the US the states hold the right to police powers whereas the federal government has a limited LE authority.

        At the Dept. Of Defense each military department (there are 3 army, navy and air force) can determine pay, uniforms and the such for the civilian officers. There has been a trend lately with what is known as regionalization where the different bases (IE all the navy bases in the Washington DC region) wear the same uniform and are making the same money. This differs from region to region and even branch to branch. To complicate things even further, the Office Of The Secretary Of Defense (the MOD equivalent) has its own police force which patrols the Pentagon and other buildings in the DC region and Pentagon jr. in Pa.
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          DoD Police Patch

          orlandofed5-0, I am not an avid Police Patch Collector but I maintain a display cabinet in the foyer of the Police Station and it contains a display of Police Patches from around the world.

          I have been trying for ages to secure the following Patch but without success.

          Here is the Patch that I am after and I would be willing to trade an Australian Police Patch for it.

          Any clues?


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            John... Those patches were a set. The Eagles in the center faced both to the left and right. I have a set somewhere. Give me a day and I'll dig them out for you.
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              Re: MoD Police

              I've been in the MoD police for just over a year and give your friend some more info on it if required. john kelly is right in saying that it is a national force and you can be posted any where in the UK. The majority of postings are on military bases and the actual "police" work can be limited, however guarding gates etc is becoming less common as there is a guard service to carry out that role. The majority of recruits are now young people and not neccesarily people with a military background, in fact hardly anyone I joined with had been in the armed forces.

              The uniform and training is almost identical to any other force and you still have a two year probation period, the big difference is that you have to undergo firearms training aswell as all the legislation etc. You can also apply to transfer to another force once your probation is finnished.

              I have been lucky with my posting in central london and actually work on the streets alongside the met and other forces in london. Because of this I can and do get involved in anything that home office forces do although nowhere near the same amount. If chasing crooks is what your friend is looking for it is worth perservering with a job with a home office force. Although it is a good job I am considering my options for when my probation is over as I know a lot of my colleagues are.

              It is also worth bearing in mind that the recruitment process is comparable to any other force in the UK and you still need to meet the same standards but as with any force if you are rejected it does not neccesarily bar you from joining another.

              If there is anything your friend wants to know about the force pm me and I will be happy to help.
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