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    This is probably a long shot but thought I'd ask anyhow. Would love to go into le in Ontario. In the states now, but thought about a move. It raises a lot of questions. The big question I have is how can some one go through a process like this without having to find other work first? I think I would like to go right into le, but from what I see that's not possible?

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    I'm going to take a shot in the dark and guess that you're young? You're going to need a solid work history before any department will consider you. I remember that Montreal Police came recruiting here last year while I was in the academy so it's possible to get a job up there (they'll push your citizenship paperwork through).
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      Not that young, been working in it arena for several years..
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        wsyoung, the best source for information for you will be this website: http://www.applicanttesting.com/policing.htm. Most services have websites with their own recruiting info, but all police services in Ontario use Applicant Testing Services. Check out www.cic.gc.ca for info on becoming a permanent resident and a Canadian citizen. Most police services will prefer you to be a citizen, but the minimum requirement is permanent resident.


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