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The Private Security Industry


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  • The Private Security Industry

    Private Security is a growth industry here in Australia. In some cases Private Security Companies are now contracted for security at Military Establishments, Federal Government Offices and some State Prisons. In some States they are contracted for Transit Patrol.

    Security Guards, Crowd Controllers (Bouncers) and Private Investigators are registered under The Private Agents Act, which is administered by the relevant State Police and generally speaking we have cleaned the industry up.

    The Private Security Industry in Australia has in the past been made up of smaller companies competing against each other for the various commercial and government contracts, but there has been a trend for the larger companies to take over the smaller companies and trade under one name.

    I could safely say that at this stage there is only one major security company in Australia and that is a company by the name of CHUBB.

    Would I be correct in saying that in the UK the largest security company is Securicorp?

    What would be the largest security company in Canada, Ireland, NZ and the USA?

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    Securicor is certainly a major player here in the UK, at least in England & Wales. Possibly bigger is Group 4/Falck which also owns Wakenhut an American Company.

    In England & Wales these private companies run prisons, provide security in courtrooms, gaolers in police custody offices and many other quasi-police functions. I'm really not sure what the situation is in Scotland or Northern Ireland. Chubb security also operate here though I'm not sure what pies they have their fingers in.



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      Group 4 is now the second biggest provider of private security world wide ,we had them running a prison here as john knows what a stuff up they where now we the Govt got it back but unfortunetly they do all prisoner transport except high sec/hosp esc/funerall escs etc etc ....they are so bloody incompetent its not funny..ahhhhhhh for the days when the Cops done the prisoner transport in conjuction with the prisons it was easy and done on time and both worked well together.I hear they are having big troubles in W.A John with A.I.M.S a private prisoner transport group...mate tells me massive stuff ups all the time will be glad when the Govt wakes up to itself and gets it all back .Private industry need to make a profit but we all know what profits are made in prisons..On another note saw your people kicking up about the new centre for you booze buses next doos to our 2 new prisons which i may add are being built and run by private contractors maintenance etc etc but being leased back to the govt ..and it is a bloody waste land there to John,i was out there the other day ...hooroo all


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        What would be the largest security company in Canada, Ireland, NZ and the USA?

        Its a regional thing I think. Where I work Wakenhut currently has the contract. Burns Security had it before that .

        I know that Wakenhut has at least 30 various Nuclear Plants around the country and Burns has a fair share. Both do alot of various large industies.
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          Where I work Wakenhut provide the Civilian Detention Officers - CDOs in our custody office. Group 4 run our the magistrate court cells. They collect prisoners from the police cells who have been charged and refused bail by the police or are detained on a warrant. They bring remand prisoners to and from court both the local magistrates and the crown court. Group 4 take prisoners up into the dock at both courts and provide dock security. Securicor provide security guards in the local magistrates court, not sure who is contracted for the crown court.

          Group 4 and other companies also transport prisoners detained on warrant from police stations to courts anywhere in England and Wales e.g. a prisoner is arrested in London on a fail to appear warrant issued by Blackpool Magistrates Court a private security company will transport the prisoner to court and not the police. If a suspect is arrested without warrant then the police still have to collect though at least in our area this may be changing. England & Wales is divided up into a number of contract areas and various security companies have the contract to produce prisoners. These companies do not cover Scotland or Northern Ireland so the police would have to collect if a prisoner dropped in these countries.

          Wakenhut also work for the Immigration Service. Several private prisons are run by private securty companies who are also involved in public private finance initiatives to build and run facilities. Private security companies are also used by HM Prison Service to transport all but the highest risk prisoners.



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            I'm sure I recal reading somewhere that Wackenhut provide security for several US nuclear installations, and as such, they have their own SWAT team????? Is this true????
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              Borg-Warner is a major player in the U.S., owning both Burns Security and Wells-Fargo armed security. Or they were when I moonlighted with 'em back in '96. Hate to say it, but they didn't pay squat to the no-experience crowd. Active LEO made decent money, but not much. Otherwise they were somewhat ate up. Never understood how they latched on to the security assignment for the Olympics.

              Wackenputz....sorry....Wackenhut has/had several govt. contracts - providing rest stop security along the expressway in Florida and on the oil pipeline in Alaska. They also provided security for a few Air Force bases. Back in '96 they were keen on hiring ex-military (mainly MPs or SpecOps guys). Not sure what it's like today. The guys I knew from there were not very swift....of course, the number of felonies the company committed in the name of security didn't do much to endear them to anyone.

              Such is life.
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                JK, down here us cops tend to still do most of the things we always did. However with the way things are going and priorities changing for the police private security is/will become more and more involved with things like alarm attendence, crowd control at sporting events etc.

                At the moment here police are still required to do prisoner escorts to and from jail except for trials, which as you can imagine is very time consuming and for the bean counters, unproductive.

                We have 1 private prison (in Auckland) however, I understand, thier contract will not be renewed as the Govt is opposed to private prisons ideologically.

                A private company does the Court escorts in Auckland. Main players seem to be Chubb, Group 4.


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                  Group 4 is practicaly non-existant down here. Chubb and Armourguard are the big players down here in Welly.




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                    The Security Company I work for is the largest in our area, and no it
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                      I can think of two companies you could possably work for Brotaki. I cant think the seconds ones name right now though LOL.


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                        In Scotland there is one private jail,which recently topped the charts of "most offences commited in a jail"

                        Out in the sticks.....and lovin it


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                          Quote -
                          "I'm sure I recal reading somewhere that Wackenhut provide security for several US nuclear installations, and as such, they have their own SWAT team????? Is this true????"

                          Unless they're hiring some high-speed guys from Spl.Ops, the words "Wackenhut" and "SWAT" in the same sentence is really, really, frightening...


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                            Here in Canada Group 4 seems to keep most of the shopping malls safe from whatever doom might otherwise beset them. Securicor is kept busy emptying and refilling the bank machines. There is also an outfit called Progarde that actually designs their cars to look like police squad cars, with emergency lights and everything. I hope those guys don't think they can ever actually use the stuff...


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                              The Mall Ninja does the local Westpoint.


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