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The President and The Police Constable


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  • The President and The Police Constable

    What a top photo!

    It was taken as President Obama is entering 10 Downing Street.

    I guess the caption could read, "Hey brother, how are things with you?"

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    Obama dosent even have the dignity to look the man in the eyes as he shakes his hand.

    He hates the military, he hates cops, he hates conservatives, he hates religious people, he hates gun owners ... who DOSENT he hate?


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      Being a Brit, I have no particular opinion regarding President Obama but I think in this instance you may be being a little unfair to him. You really need to see this photograph in context.

      It wasn't taken when the President first arrived at No. 10, when there was the usual glad handing and short speeches. At some point subsequently the President and the Prime Minister have gone over to the Foreign Office (which is directly opposite 10 Downing Street) and are at this point walking the few yards back. As the President and Prime Minister, who are walking quite quickly, walk up to the door, the President glances at the officer on the door and offers him his hand, which the officer takes. The President is looking at him as he does this - we're seeing this a second or two later as the President continues to briskly walk on. The officer then can't really be seen to drop his hand as soon as his own Prime Minister walks by but the PM glances at him and pointedly refuses to shake his hand.

      So personally I think the President comes out of this looking pretty good. Our own PM on the other hand ends up looking like, well, how he actually is: arrogant and out of touch.

      Plus, just look at the expression on the officer's face - does he look offended to anyone?
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        Originally posted by Cockney Corner. View Post
        Being a Brit, I have no particular opinion regarding President Obama but I think in this instance you may be being a little unfair to him.
        CC, being a Brit you go for polite understatement. I thing ChrisF202 was being a lot unfair.

        The handshake was noted by a British reporter in the April 4, 2009 issue of the Newy York Times.
        As the president stepped up to 10 Downing Street, he leant over, made eye contact, said something courteous, and shook the hand of the police officer standing guard. There’s always a police officer there; he is a tourist logo in his ridiculous helmet. He tells you that this is London, and the late 19th century. No one has ever shaken the hand of the policeman before, and like everyone else who has his palm touched by Barack Obama, he was visibly transported and briefly forgot himself. He offered the hand to Gordon Brown, the prime minister, who was scuttling behind.

        It was ignored. He was left empty-handed. It isn’t that Mr. Brown snubbed the police officer; he just didn’t see him. To a British politician, a police officer is as invisible as the railings.

        But the rest of us noticed. Because in this country that still feels the class system like a phantom limb, being overtly kind to servants is the very height of manners, the mark of true nobility. Being nice to the staff is second only to being nice to dogs as a pinnacle of civilization. Remember: a butler’s not just for Christmas. Apparently, the Obamas searched every cupboard and closet in Downing Street to personally thank all the servants for looking after them. That’s classlessly classy.

        And it's not the first time Obama has taken time to acknowledge the cop outside 10 Downing Street:


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          I posted the photograph because I thought it was a nice gesture by the US President to shake hands with the Police Constable on duty -- nothing more, nothing less.

          Can we just leave it at that?


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            Originally posted by JohnKelly View Post
            Can we just leave it at that?
            No, we havt to open a political discussion...
            I'm with you John, the picture is great. I wish there would be more politicans doing such gestures....
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              I really dont have much use for Obama, but it is pretty clear in the video that he went out of his way to shake the Constable's hand.......and it is also very clear that his own Prime Minister couldnt be bothered to do so.

              +1 for the President on this one.
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                you still working JK

                Jk thought you would have retired by now .......long time old boy..cheers


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                  Gordon Brown couldn't leave number 10 a moment too soon for me...but that's another topic.

                  Barak clearly shows that shaking the hand of a police officer is not beneath him and has more than likely brightened up the officer's days. Fair play to him.


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                    Why are there no pictures of him shaking the hands of U.S. Police officers (other than planned photo ops)?

                    I have done protection for numerous Presidents and candidates. Some would have all the officers in their escort line up, and shake hands with each one. Others ignored the officers. There is a political divide - but all the Americans can figure out which party does what.

                    BTW, this was not a photo op - it was done out of the public view, just before they boarded the plane to leave. President Ford actually thanked each of us standing post as he walked by.
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                      Originally posted by gazza View Post
                      Jk thought you would have retired by now .......long time old boy..cheers
                      Hello G***a!!!!

                      Well!!!, you are indeed a voice from the past!.

                      I recently contributed to a topic here on in relation to having a chat room and I thought of you when referring to what it was like here a few years ago.

                      I still do the rounds of the various police forums but not nearly as much as in the early days and yes I retired from the job two years ago and long may it last -- life is good.

                      I just worked it out the other day, including my military service, I was over 40 years in uniform!

                      I keep myself active and often wonder how on earth I ever had the time to go to work.

                      I hope things are well with you and family and your job is treating you well.

                      Talking of the past in relation to the Chat Room, I recall I used to get on well with a lady who had the user name of PO.......?, I think she was a Probation Officer and I believe a workmate of yours ended up marrying her......was that so and how are things going with them, I forget....but I think her name was Jeanie?

                      Anyhow, good to hear from you.



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                        still around

                        Gday JK ...yep it was a mate of mine Macka he married Jeanie and they are living in the states have been for a number of years .
                        Yep the old chat room on o /com in the good old days hahah remember okie , gub , blue , ricardo a lot of the oldies wonder what they are doing now, still get e mails from a couple of em , still hear from Duncan in pommyland , when he came here for the rugby and we had a bbq at my place and he drank all the **** hahahahahah, I still got few years left , been working in different area , now for a couple of years no crims for a while been good still with the Dept though , anyway will catch you here again JK take it easy in retirement land


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