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  • police depts in Germany

    if i lice in the USA and try to get a job with a German Dept what are the chances of me getting hired? and what are some good depts?

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    First question would be, what about your language skills?

    I´m an Austrian officer, there are some basic differences in the hiring processes between Germany and Austria, but probably you need German citizenship.

    There should be some German guys around, who should be able to help you.

    Alles Gute! (all the best)


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      ya i am in college and my Minor is German i want to become pretty much fluent in it. and i am looking into pretty much any oppirtunty i can and i did an exchange in Germany for a month and lived a little west of Oldenburg and loved it. i so i have been lookin into place in germany to work for wether therre US related or not


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        Originally posted by ugabuldgs View Post
        if i lice in the USA and try to get a job with a German Dept what are the chances of me getting hired? and what are some good depts?

        Good luck. Probably won't happen, unless you live in Germany for a few years and learn the culture and customs.
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          Hi ugabuldgs,
          here in Germany r (as far as I know)18 Police Agencies u can apply at.
          Police in Germany is a state thing. Every state (Bundesland) has it's own Police. We have no municipal police in Germany.
          In Germany there r 16 states. So u can apply at 16 Police agencies.
          We also have a Federal Police. (Bundespolizei former Bundesgrenzschutz) The Bundespolizei is responsible for Airports, Train stations and to protect the border.
          And we have here the match to the FBI. Here in German it's called Bundeskriminalamt (BKA).
          Here http://www.polizei.de/ is a link to the official internet page of all german police homepages

          In North-Rhine Westfalia u have to be german citizen or citizen of a EU country. (BUT: exeptions for non citizen r possible!!)
          I guess in other states it's equal.
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            hi uga,
            you say you speak german, so I answer you in german.

            Wie Thomas schon schrieb, benötigst du die deutsche Staatsbürgerschaft oder die eines anderen EU-Staates. Bei besonderem Interesse der Polizei ist auch eine andere Staatsbürgerschaft möglich. Häufig ist das türkisch oder russisch, da wir viele Einwanderer aus diesen Ländern haben.

            Dein Deutsch muss fließend in Wort und Schrift sein, da du einen Auswahltest in Deutsch bestehen musst. Dann musst du dich mit allen anderen deutschen Bewerbern bewerben. Das können mehrere tausend sein. Einstellungstermin ist immer einmal im Jahr. Etwa zum 1. Juli oder 1. Oktober. Wir haben 2 Laufbahnen bei der Polizei in Deutschland. Einmal den "mittleren Dienst" für Bewerber mit 10 Klassen Abschluss und den "gehobenen Dienst" für Bewerber mit Hochschulreife (12-13 Klassen). Die Ausbildung dauert bei uns etwa 2,5 Jahre für den mittleren Dienst und 3 Jahre für den gehobenen Dienst. Einige Bundesländer wie Hessen, Nordrhein-Westfahlen und Niedersachsen, stellen nur den "gehobenen Dienst" ein. Mit einem Collegeabschluss hast du ja die Hochschulreife von daher wäre das für dich möglich.
            Ich hoffe das hilft dir.

            Ok here is the translation for all the others.

            As thomas wrote, you need the german or EU-citizenship. by special interests of the departments, other citizenships are able. Often these are russian or turkish, because we have lot of immigrants from there.
            you have to speak and write german fluently for passing the german test in the screening procedure. Then you have to apply with all the other candidates. These could be several thousands. Starting date for the job is usually July 1 oder October 1.
            We have two careers in the public service in germany, so also in the police.
            for those with 10 classes of school an no universtity entrance qualification we have the "mittlerer Dienst" comparable with NCOs in the militar. and those with 12 or 13 classes in school an universtity entrance qualification you can apply in the "gehobener Dienst" similar to Officers carreer in military. There you start as "Kommissar" comparable to Lieutenant.
            Education for police officers is 2,5 years for mittlerer Dienst and 3 years of police college studies an internships for gehobener Dienst. Some Bundeslaender like Hessen, Lower-Saxonie and Northrhine-Westphalia only appoint the "gehobener Dienst" so the lowes rank is "kommissar" (Lieutenant) but the job is the same. For you with a college qualification the "gehobene Dienst" would be possible.
            hope it helps


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              Das hoert sich gut an. Nicht so einfach, aber ehe nicht so schwer.

              Wie funktioniert es mit Umtauschprograms? Ich frage es nur, weil ich bald ein ami Polizist werde. Glaube es wirt einfach interessant dort als Polizist arbeiten (bin schon dreimal im BRD stationiert als Soldat).

              Gibt's moeglichkeiten fuer Oesterreich? Ich habe ein Kumpel, der in die Naehe von Linz wohnt (kann auch etwa Oberoesterreichisch/Muehlviertler reden).


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                If you are a Memeber of the IPA, then you'll have the opportunity for an exchange to Germany or Austria. They have the contacts and scholarships.



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                  i know a police officer in Germany, Hamburg who hasn´t the german citizenship. But he lives in Germany and speak the language very good.
                  If you try a police exchange with IPA or STAR (2 weeks), you can make the first real Contact to other police work and other officers.
                  Maybe you can get more information and meet the "right" people in Germany?

                  But I think you have to learn the job from the beginning in Germany (2-3 years). Everybody has to do so... but i don´t really sure.
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                    Germany: yes
                    Austria: NO

                    I don´t know if I can help you, I work in a small department west of Vienna.


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                      "Bundespolizei" works everywhere in Austria.

                      Head authority (federal state) = ministry for interior (Innenministerium)
                      country = country police command (Landespolizeikommando)
                      district = district police command (Bezirkspolizeikommando)
                      town = police station (Polizeiinspektion)

                      I work in Loosdorf (really small town), 80 km west of Vienna

                      Until 2005, there used to be "Bundessicherheitswache" in the bigger cities, and the "Bundesgendarmerie" everywhere else in Austria. In reality there was not so much difference, the training was the same.

                      If I can help you somehow, just let me know.


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                        You mean the two-colored ones?

                        The new ones are nearly the same, just the color has changed from grey to blue. Aren´t they cute?
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                          Don´t remind me, I didn´t like those polo-shirts. There were no pockets where you could put your pen or notepad. And it was rather hot in summertime, because of the material.
                          And in wintertime (which is very long in Austria) you had to wear two different jackets, as there was no real winter jacket. That was bulky!

                          No, I prefer the new uniform. The only item I miss is the baseball cap. I HATE the beret


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                            Originally posted by Munlaw
                            Do you have to have German citizenship to join an "Ortpolizeibehörde" in Hesse, for example Stadtpolizei Frankfurt ?

                            Does listening to Schlagermusik help in joining a police service in Germany
                            Hell no!!! We only accept Rammstein, Scorpions and the younger Girls.... Tokio Hotel

                            The required citizenship depends on the City you apply for.

                            @ Fritz...
                            Wie ist das mit der Stadtpolizei in Baden und Braunau? Hab heute in Braunau mal wieder die Polizei gesehen in den Bundesfarben aber mit "BR" Autonummer und dem Braunauer Stadtwappen auf der Schulter? Was dürfen die?

                            for all:
                            Whats about the City Police of Braunau and Baden. Just saw in Braunau police in federal colours today, but with "BR" on their licence plates and and the City Patch on they shoulder.. What ar they allowed to do?


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                              That kind of "City police" ("Gemeindewachkörper", "Gemeindesicherheitswache") ist the only exeption from the rule, that there is only one police in Austria.

                              The are paid by the city (that´s why they have the licence plates of the district, not "BP" for "Bundespolizei") and have some different competences than "Bundespolizei". Most important, they are not allowed to exit the city limits, and have limited powers.

                              Their uniform differs a little bit; they don´t have the stripes on the sides of the trousers, and not the national eagle on the patch, but the insignia of the city.

                              (German) Link: http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gemeind...C3%96sterreich)


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