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New Evidence Debunking The 911 Conspiracy Nuts


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  • New Evidence Debunking The 911 Conspiracy Nuts

    A few days ago, here in sunny Caleefornya, a gasoline tractor trailer rig crashed in a freeway maze. Fortunately, no one was killed but the driver did suffer 2nd degree burns.

    Anyway, there was reportedly 8000+ gallons of gasoline onboard which ignited. According to the experts, the fire weakened the huge steel I beams of the road section directly above the conflagration which CAUSED THE ROAD SECTION TO COLLAPSE. Keep in mind this was an outdoor, open area. Also keep in mind that nothing crashed into the roadway section that collapsed.

    Now, keeping the above in mind, Rosie O and the other nut cases with the same mindset, have said that the WTC collapse was "the first time in history that fire melted steel." I guess she is going to have to rethink herself now. Unless she is going to accuse our Governator of a conspiracy to screw up the East Bay Area commute traffic.

    I remember a few years back watching basically an "autopsy" on the WTC. It was titled "World Trade Center:Anatomy of Collapse" and was aired on TLC. I vividly remember the story because it was A) fascinating and B) plausible. Here it is.......

    The WTC was constructed unlike most high rises. It had an "exoskeleton" in that the main structural support came from large and thick steel plates fitted together to form the perimeter of the building. The buildings in essence were like large pieces or channel steel. The floors inside the buildings were supported by steel trusses that were coated with fire protectant as it is well known to those in construction and firefighting that steel trusses will weaken when exposed to fire. Indeed, in fire fighting circles there is a saying, "never trust a truss." The buildings were designed to sustain a hit from a small plane. It happened to the Empire State Building during the time of WWII so this was factored into the design.

    When the planes hit the two towers they ripped a huge gap through the exoskeletons of the buildings. The impact also knocked off a substantial amount of the fire protectant coating on the floor trusses. Since both planes were non-stop coast to coast flights they each carried several thousand gallons of jet fuel. The jet fuel burning inside the buildings on the now largely exposed metal trusses caused them to soften and thereby lose their strength. Finally, when the first floor collapsed, the momentum caused a domino effect which resulted in the complete collapse of the structures. This also explains why the second tower hit was the first tower to collapse. The first tower was hit higher than the second tower which means the second tower had much more weight above the point of impact which is why it collapsed first.

    No conspiracy, just a factual analysis of how it happened. Unfortunately though, it is not nearly as interesting as an unfounded conspiracy theory of an inept president who brilliantly fools the world into believing that terrorists attacked us
    Jubilant Patriotic Republican

    America gave Obama the benefit of the doubt when they elected him. Obama is now giving America the doubt of the benefit of his governance......Change you can bereave in!..JPR

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    J, you could have a TRUCKLOAD of information, and it wouldnt affect the tinfoil-hat crowd..they will just accuse you of being another Neocon sheep, and keep on keeping on. Somehow it's more reasonable to believe that SOMEHOW the thousands of people who worked in the WTC, along with the hundreds of PAPD cops, and other LEo's in there every day, (Not to mention regular sweeps with Bomb Dogs after the 93 bombing) MISSED the people placing Thousands of separate cutting charges, and MILES of det cord, nevermind the insulation and concrete cladding being cut away to expose the beams, and structural members, that it would have taken to bring that building down in a controlled demo..Nope the fact that the building was designed to do exactly what it did is just too simple an explanation.


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