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    Is it true that the homeland is not really secured enough since 9/11? I have heard people say that nothing has really changed about security at docs and on the borders. We have not supplied law enforcement with necessary and state of the art equipement, we are running them into the ground without hiring enough people to give them a break or uping their pay. Is this all true or just a bunch of bull? I do not know the real truth and would like to hear it from people that know for a fact what is really going on. Thanks in advance for any true comments.


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    Tough question to give an easy answer to, but I'll give you my 2 cents.

    Are we safer? Physically, not really. Terrorist will almost always have the upper hand. They know when they are going to attack, we have to "guess". Terrorist have to be right one time and LEO hundreds of times. Not the best odds.

    Are we undermanned? Depends on the agency, Border Patrol.... yes they are undermanned BUT, depending on what political side you listen to, It's Pres Bushes fault or Democrats fault. Reality: Border Patrol has almost ALWAYS been undermanned, before 9/11 and even now. Democrats will point to the 9/11 commision report saying that "they said we needed 2000 more BP agents and Bush only signed off on 200." True =Yes, but not that simple. Agents mean more fed money and NOONE wants to fund it. BP has it's hands tied tring to do an impossible job with all politicians using them as pawns. Want to fix it? You have to go after the prosecutors who refuse to prosecute and keep finding ways to lighten their loads.

    As for Local LEO getting state of the art equipment, HMMMM little trickier. Many departments (to include fire) have gotten or are getting Federal funding for "Anti-terrorism" training/equipment. There are just as many abuses (at all levels) going on in that arena as there are well intentioned advances. Many departments have taken advantage of that money siting that some "stupid" item is needed to help protect against a terrorist attack. Millions of dollars are lost. Don't get me wrong money does go to good things too, but it is abused.

    Is the public safer? Do YOU feel safer? The reality is that it is more a perception of safety. Ask yourself, "if you were a terrorist would you knowingly go through a baggage check if you were trying to sneak something onto a plane/ train???" I wouldn't neither would they I guess. But the public feels safer so departments do it. "Do you think that if a Terrorist stood up in a plane today with a knife and tried to hijack it, do you really think the people on the plane would allow it to happen?" They would kill him ro beat him to a pulp.

    What holds the terrorist off is that they KNOW, that they are being watched. By everyday citizens looking around and LEO who do the secret squirrel stuff. They are extremely careful and that takes time. They need money to do the "big jobs" and their money is traced by feds. Will we get attacked again, maybe! Rest assured that no matter who is in office, the other side will find some thing to blame them with.

    LEO's are being used quite a bit more nowadays. Look at NYPD. They get a higher threat and the city basically goes on overtime. Short handed?, not really. I'm ure they can use more guys but as far as being operational no. But the problems come in as to WHO pays the OT money????? So you politicians cry "we need more people/equipment" a.k.a. "WE NEED MORE MONEY".

    Things are improved since 9/11. Is it perfect? No. Better? Yes. Still a political football? Absolutely!!!!


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      CarCop, Thank you very much for your input. Very thought provoking and insightful to read about.



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        Originally posted by CarCop

        Is the public safer? Do YOU feel safer? The reality is that it is more a perception of safety. :
        New Federal regs are requiring all truck drivers to get back ground checks before they are allowed to haul Hazardous Mat
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          On the equipment front, there is still alot that needs to be done. In regards to port security, I personally believe its only a matter of time before something happens. Since 9/11, the u.s. coast guard has seen a great increase in tasking, yet personel levels have barely increased, equipment is getting outdated ect..


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            I used to travel around the state alot for my job, and I think I've seen truck inspection stations open about twice (out of the hundreds of times not). I'm sure it's a manpower/funding issue as well as the shipping lobby saying it costs them time which equals money.

            Thankfully we all know politicians are immune to coercions involving money!
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