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    You've replied to your own posts 4 times in a row. But I'll just respond to your first.

    Originally posted by frank
    Well! I see the ("Use your imagination sir!" )in you just as bright as the sun.Now! I am not crazy, though if I were you, I would just want to freaken hide with that attitude, I rate it 0.....Because, You are not so freaken big anymore and what would the Sarge say, if he heard you talking with civilians like that?
    Do they not teach english in the mid-west? From what I gather you think my supervisor would be upset that I suggested you need trained psychiatric help. Not only would he not get angry with me, he'd probably ask me why I haven't written a commital paper on you and had you transported to the psych ward for a mandatory observation.

    Originally posted by frank
    In our town your @zz would be grass and they are trained to be good respectfull employees of the law and to help people..NO Matter the cause or problem! Say! Who trained you anyway and where are you stationed, what sector because I would like to have a talk with the respectfull boss you work for and don't think for one minut I wouldn't!
    I'm not going to post that information on the internet. I work for the United States Government. They trained me.

    Originally posted by frank
    If I was a cop I would fine you also!
    Again, this further shows how distanced from reality you are. Law Enforcement officials just can't walk around handing out citations be someone said something that you didn't like.

    Originally posted by frank
    I wonder what your co-workers would say if they heard you crabbing like that..If I was your co-worker, I wouldn't even want to talk with you for fear.
    Now! As your Mommy would say..If you can't say anything good,don't open up your yapper son!
    My co-workers are privy to this forum and I'm sure are getting a kick out of this thread. Oh, and I've never heard my mother use the word "yapper."

    Originally posted by frank
    I have been nothing but supportive hear and it really hurts when somebody can't at least be honnorable when they speak.
    I am not talking for those who have been ..It is one of the best sites I have ever been on and there are really good people hear.Then there is you!
    What's more honorable then telling a person that they need help when they so obviously do?

    Originally posted by frank
    If I was your boss and I seen what you wrote in here.You would be in a hell of a lot of trouble! You could also use some calm down stuff...What ever that may be...
    ( 9 full bottles at once!)
    My boss could care less what I do outside of work. If he had seen this thread, I'm assuming he'd have a pretty good laugh about it as well. As far as this "calm down stuff," you refer to, I can honestly say I haven't the foggiest as to what you're talking about.

    Originally posted by frank
    Put on the dunts hat and go sit in that darn corner too and do not leave with out permission either! I mean it!
    I'm assuming you meant "dunce" hat. Once again, this isn't a re-run of the little rascals. It's reality. You should check in every now and then.

    As it stands, having psychiatric issues isn't a crime and you can't force anyone to get help. This is the last that I'll be replying to this absurd topic. I hope that you get the help you need.
    Last edited by SuperSix5; 07-22-2005, 01:20 AM.
    Still leading the team in PIMs, the fans are calling me a goon.
    This is Papa Bear. Put out an APB for a male suspect, driving a... car of some sort, heading in the direction of, uh, you know, that place that sells chili. Suspect is hatless. Repeat, hatless.


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      That figures!So you work for the goverment!....
      I can go on about that, But I won't.
      I pay you with my hard earned taxes,So can you please leave now!Because this is not going anywhere.

      Oh yes! The other item!
      The goverment freaks when you talk about anything to do with UFO sightings ect......It's because Quote{It's's a cover up }and they don't ever want tell the real truth about whats happening or if there is a connection when it comes to terrorism. It makes you wonder if they really care about human life on this world at all.
      So call me crazy..there are about a half a million who would like to share their thoughts and findings on these issues and I bet you would never say they are crazy if they where standing in front of you,because that would probably be very bad for you!
      Last edited by frank; 07-22-2005, 02:01 AM.


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        I think O.com should start a section for discussions on how to better interrogate UFO technology in law enforcement. Think about it, suspect tries to run in a car. Chase is over pretty quick when the alien space craft beams him up.
        All joking aside, way too much trouble just to send a signal
        Straight Up

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          Originally posted by frank
          This may sound funny, though I think it is could be a link?

          I have noticed that every time there are crop circles found, something bad happens.Now what if these crop circles are a map, that is made for some place that is going to be hit by the Iraq guys(
          I stopped reading after that.


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