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I remember the WTC


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  • I remember the WTC

    Al and I went to New York when David was 3 months old. Al and I had to go for business and I remember how much it bothered me to leave him even for a week at that age. I remember Al getting a cab to drive us around to some of the sites. I even remember him saying, "Look, there's the World Trade Center." We we driving around it and I looked out the back window to see these two tall towers, beautifully lit in the night.
    Later, when were were further, I remember thinking they looked like 2 jewels in the sky.
    Never did I think this could happen.
    Usama bin Laden has essentiallly said, "We are coming after more of you in the name of our holy war."
    Bush is showing so much strength. I hope he can thinks like this b****** and GET HIM. The scary part is he managed to do this with almost no resources of his own except his money. He used our own multimillion dollar planes to do this.
    I have faith the United Staes can overcome these animals.

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    When i went to NYC saturday nite, we stood in a crawling line of traffic for over an hour to go thru the Lincoln tunnel, as the Holland tunnel was still closed. the site of the open space where the Towers were was shocking, but the worst part was the buildings near it still dark from no power, with an eerie white glow of generator lights coming up from behind. My friend i was with grew up in LES manhattan and spent most of his life there, his mother still lives there. i was driving and he just stared out the window the whole time. We picked up his mother, and went all over the city, and it's a night i'll never forget. We went to firehouses, Union Square Park, where the memorial was indescribable; we went to the Armory, we walked in the area of the attack...not close, of course. We walked along the wall by the Bellevue memorial, but we weren't prepared for what we saw when we rounded the corner. A huge, long wall of photos, thousands of lit candles, stuffed animals, statues, bibles, two police officers crying. It is one of the only times i can remember that i spontaneously cried without warning or even a thought going thru my head. The whole night feels like it didnt really happen.
    "You did what you knew how to do...and when you knew better, you did better." ~~Maya Angelou


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      I went to the WTC in 1992 with some friends after I finished boot camp. I spent some time on the observation deck, amazed at the height of these two skyscrapers. I watched as small planes and helicopters flew below me, my fear of heights surpassed by the beauty of the view. I noticed the amount of people hurrying and scurrying around the building; the suits, the maintenace staff, the toursists from all four corners of the world. As I stood on the sidewalk later in front of the towers and ate my dirty-water hot dogs and cream soda, I was awed by these awesome feats of engineering. The towers almost seemed to sway in the breeze coming across the river. That is my WTC memory.


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        I've never seen the WTC in person. I have picture of it hang on my old house got damaged when we moved so we thew it away.

        I've seen Sears Tower thought.


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