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B-b-b-bunker buster for B-b-boming Iran!


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  • B-b-b-bunker buster for B-b-boming Iran!

    Super bombs are being fast-tracked by the Pentagon for possible use against nuclear programs in North Korea and Iran. So massive, the GBU-57A/B or Massive Ordnance Penetrator or MOP can only be delivered by a B-52 or a B-2A.

    The Pentagon is accelerating by three years plans for a super bunker buster, the GBU-57A/B or Massive Ordnance Penetrator or MOP, a powerful new bomb aimed squarely at the underground nuclear facilities of Iran and North Korea. The gargantuan bomb—longer than 11 persons standing shoulder-to-shoulder or more than 20 feet base to nose, weighs 30,000 pounds. Some 18 percent of its total weight is comprised of explosives.

    Guided by a precision GPS system, the MOP can penetrate an unprecedented 200 feet down before exploding with devastation into an underground bunker, such as those buried in Iran and North Korea currently used to shield rogue nuclear programs

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    Wish it were that easy- the Iranians have spread their systems out to far, won't take them all out , and they will eventually have a bomb.You have to hit them where it hurts - they want several thousand folks dead from "U.S. aggression" to rally their faithful into NOT wanting western style democracy( which would keep their religious leaders in power over the nation) - the "proof" of that is the nearly decade long ,WWI style combat they had during their war with Saddam Hussein .They were literally sending 13-14 yr old boys across minefields with B.S. about "going to paradise a martyr". you are talking stubborn people,with whom the art of the arguement is king, and centuries of animousity toward NON iranians warms their souls.

    Iran desires to be the sole power broker in that part of the world,BUT they are not as nutso as the N.Koreans( who are probably dumb enough to start firing nukes off at South korea and Japan, and whose leadership already have their bomb shelters,sex slaves, and robot minded shock troops ready to live underground while the rest of the nation burns in radioactive hell and misery).Could we take out their front line military? probably with a little more effort than what we did against Iraq.But would we win the "peace?" nope-not at all.Unless they literally threaten to attack an ally or wave that A-bomb around, it would be hard to push the issue of attacking them.

    Blockcade their nation- block their access to foreign currency-FORCE double dealing financial "partners" ( Germany and France) and political rivals ( russia and China) from dealing with them.that way, even if they get an a-bomb, they won't be beating their chests about it.

    remember this- if we open up a shooting war with these idiots, young'un like you will be there in the front lines, and it won't be pretty,NOR will it be even as "easy" as the mess in Iraq has been....
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      I make my living on Irish welfare.


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        "Bomb, bomb, bomb ... bomb, bomb, b-bomb!"
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          remember this- if we open up a shooting war with these idiots, young'un like you will be there in the front lines, and it won't be pretty,NOR will it be even as "easy" as the mess in Iraq has been....
          I was in Afghanistan in Oct/Nov 01.

          I was in Iraq in 2003 and 2005.

          I have two years living within Arty range of NK.

          What exactly are you basing this assumption on?

          and it won't be pretty,NOR will it be even as "easy" as the mess in Iraq...
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