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Post-DNC poll drop for Obama????


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  • Post-DNC poll drop for Obama????

    Hey -

    I personally don't (and no one else should) trust any of the groups who will protest at the DNC in Denver. One is called "Recreate '68" and I can only see ill-advised actions coming from that mentality.

    I predict that Mr. Obama will have a shining moment in his acceptance speech, with Katie, Brian, Meredith & Matt, the Charlies (Gibson & Rose) gushing all over him.

    BUT...I predict a downfall in poll points based on the misbehavior of the DNC protestors.

    What do you guys think?
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    What's Recreate 68? They wanna protest? What do you protest at the DNC? They promise you everything but magic beans, or is that the protest? That they can't deliver?


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      My Bro-in-law has been following the "recreate '68" crowd for a while now, and frequently posts about their latest antics on his blog www.slapstickpolitics.blogspot.com

      I've been to a couple of Q&A sessions with local officials about the DNC plans, and there's ALWAYS some protestors who show up, and make statements along the lines of "If there's any trouble, it'll be caused by the police!".

      Ah well, it'll be interesting to watch, from a healthy distance away...and I hope the city doesn't get torn up too much by the idiots who violently protest (and I whole-heartedly support the zones they've set up to ensure the safety of the delegates, which the protestors don't like as they'll won't be able to get within "touching distance" of them!).

      I agree with Kieth - from the look of it, the protestors will be doing themselves no favors by causing problems and giving a lot of negative publicity.


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        I'm more worried about the protestors here at the RNC

        I've heard rumors of people scouting out power stations and of plans to block off ramps.

        Now, I'm not a Republican or Republican supporter, but if any Code Pinkies try to block my way home...they'll get a face full of Toyota


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          It's a POLL. They'll have about a hundred of 'em before the election. They go up if the weather is warm, down if oil goes up.

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          It's only a conspiracy when your party is not in power.


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