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    Originally posted by farewelltonavy
    I don't think you got what was I trying to say. I know the government can't force you to feed others, and I know that maybe you think you shouldn't help those who are less fortunate-that's your opinion and I am not judging you.

    But just wanted to see what you thought of the fact, that if you don't take care of others, because that's not your job, it will affect you in one way or another in the form of crime rate increase, or increased costs in installing extra alarm systems in your hourse, or paying for services the poor would get.

    So if we agree that it is going to affect you regardless of what you want or think of them, then why not do something FOR them? To help them out? That's what I want to find out.
    I get what your saying. What else do they want, the professional poor do very well in this country, especially those who really know how to work the system. I personally know of one situation where this 'family' has the government actually puchase them an automobile. I didn't believe it when I first heard it, but it's really true. Oh, it's not a simple process, but they're apparently willing to go all the way to get to that point where it's possible.
    As far as the threat of crime to get what they want, I'll just take my chances with that. Besides, expensive drug habits are the reason for majority of theft crimes and that will still go on whether or not those normal everyday needs are provided to them.
    The liberal politician has the only job where they go to the office to work for everyone but those who pay their salary.


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