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  • Fdny

    I'm sending my condolences to the FDNY on the recent senseless loss of Lt. Alison Russo-Elling.

    Exactly what is it going to take for people to wake up? Granted, the killer apparently had no criminal record, but I'm betting that he was known to a lot of people as a loose cannon.

    Meanwhile, those responsible for for the "cops are bad/criminals are victims" mentality are safe behind their walled enclaves with armed security. At the moment, I'll avoid political observations, but I'm pretty certain most of you know where I would go if I did.

    My heart goes out to her family and coworkers. It also goes out to those members of our law enforcement community.

    We're fast approaching a monumental tipping point.

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    More recent reports indicate that the killer had been transported by the victim's squad for "evaluation" at some point in the past.

    We did this sort of thing often. In Ohio, and I'm certain that it applies to most other states as well, the Sheriff is charged with enforcing court orders. One of those orders is handed down by the probate court, demanding that a person be taken into custody and compelled to undergo an psychiatric evaluation.
    We referred to these orders as "pink slipping" someone, or, more darkly, taking them in for the "three day cure".

    I would argue that these orders are more risky than domestic disputes, but why split hairs. Most of these orders arrived in time for the Friday afternoon shift. Family members of the mentally ill tended to petition the court on Fridays, because they'd been putting off action all week. With the weekend coming up, they figured that they'd better do something.

    As a result, we served the lion's share of probate orders just before the weekend. They would often go upsidedown. Often, the mentally ill would threaten to kill us when they got out.


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      Here's the video of the incident. Hard to watch.


      • Joe2845
        Joe2845 commented
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        Extremely hard to watch.

      • Iowa #1603
        Iowa #1603 commented
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        Hard to believe he had no criminal record. That was a classic jail house stabbing .

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