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Porsche 911 GT2RS "Widowmaker" breaks the Nurburgring lap record...again...


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  • Porsche 911 GT2RS "Widowmaker" breaks the Nurburgring lap record...again...

    The lap of the Nordschleife produced:

    A 6:22 BTG (Bridge To Gantry) lap, like during Touristenfahrten, except without the traffic. He was doing 260 kph (162mph) as he went under the gantry- I've never seen that before.

    A 6:38 "short" lap, minus the T-13 section. This is the format that manufacturers have been using up until very recently.

    A 6:43 "long" lap, including the T-13 section.
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    They must have REALLY cranked down the wing- even with 700 horsepower, it only hit a top speed of about 310 kph (193 mph). With the wing flat, the Widowmaker should have a top speed in excess of 210 mph...
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      In road racing, you "steer for the throttle", meaning that the line that allows you the most throttle, is the correct line.

      His steering was good.

      His braking was also good, with the exception of over-cooking one corner.

      His shifting was not perfect early on, but he soon found his rhythm, and in a car as powerful as the Widowmaker, it probably didn't cost him much time in terms of acceleration. It did cost him a little time early on, in terms of getting the car settled on corner entry. He seemed almost a little distracted in Hatzenbach section. If it was his out lap on fresh tires, maybe the tires were not up to temp yet. I believe this was done on OEM Michelin Cup 2R tires.

      Overall, I think he left very little on the table- probably no more than a second or so, and most of that was from over-cooking one corner before the Foxhole section.


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