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Paris Hilton Sprung after a Few Days


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  • Paris Hilton Sprung after a Few Days

    What do you think about Paris being released? I heard on the news they released her because she had an anxiety attack and thought she was having a heart attack. Should they have released her or should they have just taken her to the Dr., had the EKG and blood tests done to verify she didn't have a heart attack, and then stick her back in her cell?
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    Well, now there's a good question. The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department's jails are dangerously overcrowded. Given the minor offense she was incarcerated for, and the ammount of money that those tests would cost, not to mention the cost of deputy personnel needed to safe guard her on the way to and from the hospital, it made sense to release her and place her on "house arrest" with an ankle monitoring device. Is it fair? No. Did it happen to her because she was a celebrity? No. This happens all the time to people that are incarcerated to short sentances and have health issues.
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      Oh, come on now. She's a celebrity debutant. No one should have thought she'd spend more than a couple days in the sheriff's bed & breakfast.

      Anxiety attack B.S. Check vitals and take her back to her cell. Give her a paper sack to breath into.

      She's one of the few that can afford to pay restitution to the Sheriff to make up for her expenses.
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