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Gun Laws and Police Firearms


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  • Gun Laws and Police Firearms

    I'm not a police officer, but I really want to become one. On that note, I was wondering how the gun laws of each state will affect police officers when getting their service weapons. In my home state, Maryland, there are some very tough gun control laws. Rifles need to be HBAR (heavy barrel) and magazines are limited to 10 rounds. A lot of brands and types of guns can't even be sold here. I find it hard to believe that police officers would limit themselves to this selection though when it comes to what they use on duty or as backup weapons.

    So, are police officers allowed leeway with the laws when it comes to a duty AR-15 for example?
    Or are they simply given, through the department they work for, magazines with more than 10 rounds and AR-15s that are more common in the rest of the country?

    It's just something I was thinking about as I was interested in buying a gun (as a non-LEO) and was wondering how gun laws affect police officers in the more gun-controlled states.

    Thank you.

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    Police officers are generally exempted from those types of restrictions, at least as far as duty weapons go. Personally owned firearms would be subject to laws applicable to everyone else.


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