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MLK Jr. Day is today...


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  • MLK Jr. Day is today...

    Martin Luther King Jr. was a conservative Christian minister, named after the Martin Luther that started the Christian reformation in 1517.

    King was assassinated by racist Democrat James Earl Ray, who did not fear criminal punishment because he thought that racist Democrat George Wallace would become president.

    Racist Democrat Governor George Wallace's infamous "Segregation Now, Segregation tomorrow, segregation forever" speech was written by racist Democrat Asa Earl Carter.

    Racist Democrat Carter was the founder of a splinter faction of the KKK.

    Racist Democrat Carter's KKK organization kidnapped a black man, castrated him, poured turpentine on him, locked him in the trunk of a car, and left him to die. Racist Democrat Governor George Wallace pardoned them.

    King was in Memphis the day of his assassination, for a civil rights march after two black sanitation workers were killed by the deplorable conditions they were forced to work under by their racist Democrat mayor Henry Loeb III.

    Republican President Ronald Reagan is the one that gave us the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday.

    The Republican party was founded in 1854 as an anti-slavery party, to combat the racism of the pro-slavery Democrat party.

    When Republican President Abraham Lincoln was elected, the racist Democrats took up arms and went to war against the United States to try to preserve slavery. It was the racist Democrats that flew the confederate battle flag, not the Republicans.

    When the racist Democrats lost Civil War I and the Republicans passed the 13th Amendment, the racist Democrats retaliated by founding the KKK and assassinating the Republican President that had freed the slaves.

    Republicans also passed the 14th Amendment, recognizing black Americans as citizens, and the 15th Amendment, giving black Americans the right to vote.

    The racist Democrats fought tooth and nail against all three of those amendments.

    So it amazes me that today's low-information Democrats try to act like MLK Jr. holiday is a virtue-signalling opportunity for them...
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    The Democratic Party of the Reconstruction Period and the Party of Lincoln are nowhere near close today to what they were back in the mid 1800s all the way to the Civil Rights Movement. Both political parties of today are full of manure. You just choose how much you're willing to shovel to deal with them.


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      Sure they are- the Democrat's most recent presidential candidate (Hitlary) referred to KKK Exalted Cyclops Robert Byrd as her "friend and mentor".
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        And the current President was caught on camera making disparaging remarks about sexual abuse/assault. So I'll raise you someone who associates with rasicts for a sexist bigot. And her being associated with Robert Byrd isn't even the WORSE thing she's done. If you use the Hiliary/Trump comparison. Both have done really horrible things that really compromised the national security.

        BOTH parties have a significant level of scum in them even in the higher echelons. The only difference is that some stuff flies for some folks and other stuff flies for other folks.

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      Enjoy the Holiday. Lots of good sales.
      Now go home and get your shine box!


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        And don't forget, Malcolm X was murdered during National Brotherhood week.
        Going too far is half the pleasure of not getting anywhere


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          Originally posted by L-1 View Post
          And don't forget, Malcolm X was murdered during National Brotherhood week.
          You mean Malcom Little? The racist segregationist convicted felon drug dealing burgling robber?

          I strongly suspect that the Muslims that murdered Little, murdered him because he was a homosexual prostitute, not because he was black.
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