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  • Term Limits

    After seeing what has happened over that last 2 years I cannot help but think that we need term limits. I am tired of the left and the right just trying to keep their jobs and not doing what is right. Unfortunately people like Trey Gowdy and Jason Chaffetz are leaving and they are the ones we need to get the term limits.

    So sad

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    Well. Term limits have some very real drawbacks.

    1) Define the amount of terms, “just like the President” is not good enough. 2 terms for Senator may work (that’s 12 years) but the House is much shorter.

    2) Get rid of money in politics. Term Limits means more time is spent fundraising than actually legislating. Term limits must include meaningful campaign finance reform and establishing a single source of money for anyone to use. Citizen United and the “money is speech” concept are bad for the business of running this Country.

    It might work if the above is implemented.
    semper destravit


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      You will never get rid of money in politics. There will always be money in elections and everything surrounding it. I would be happy with 2-3 terms for senators but, this BS with them working for life because their constituents keep on voting the same idiot in is not cutting it. Then they get awesome benefits for life and go into lobbying to make even more $$. Heck no, they need to go.


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