So I am watching CBS this morning and they have a story about a white woman assaulting a black ute(my cousin Vinny) who was doing nothing but, just enjoying a wonderful summer day at the pool. I will agree that this lady was not the pinnacle of civility. After calling the boy racist names she assaulted 2 officers. Great, she is the epitome of white trash. No problem. I was okay with the story up to the point that Gail King said she is tired of seeing white people assaulting black people who are just doing normal stuff. I just about threw my coffee mug into the TV.

The only reason she is tired of it is because that is all the dominant liberal mass media put on their programs. Maybe if they were more proportional she would be saying something different. I too am tired off the liberal news only putting stories of white officers/white people doing bad things to black people. Maybe if they were "Fair" in their reporting they would put more stories about black people assaulting white people or about black people assaulting black people. Maybe they would do more stories about Chicago or Detroit and the problems they are having. Maybe they would put more black conservatives like Larry Elder and Thomas Sowell on TV.

Yes Gail, I am tired too.