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Media Bias Against Law Enforcement


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  • Media Bias Against Law Enforcement

    We know that media bias exists both left and right. We know it certainly exists against law enforcement. We all know about the Rodney King case, infamous video and post acquittal riots that followed. This story has been thoroughly vetted and wrung out. Yet here is an LA Times article from 2012 claiming King was handcuffed at the time of the incident. We can debate if the force used was justified or not. However one thing is clear. King was NOT handcuffed at the time of the incident. http://graphics.latimes.com/towergra...-they-are-now/. If the reporter had done any research she would have found a video in the LA Times archives that clearly shows King was not cuffed at the time of the incident. Rodney King beating video - LA Times. Further proof that when you read something in the media that is not necessarily true.
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    Never attribute to bias that which can be adequately explained by incompetence.


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      king also knocked a cop on his butt prior to being "beaten", which was on the video...media did not show that, however.
      Media is in the business of selling stories...stories about the big bad racist po-leece sell, not dealing with an assaultive bad guy
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        He was clearly non-compliant to any of the commands given and kept trying to get up. He was tuned up a bit.
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