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Union contract soon to expire....


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  • Union contract soon to expire....

    Hey all,

    I just had a few questions in regards to union contracts. Our union contract is going to expire this august and that means we either vote this current union out and pick another one or keep this current union. Needless to say, we are NOT voting this union back in as they have done absolutely nothing for us. Ex. We pay full price for health benefits on top of union dues, when we call out sick the time gets taken from our vacation time, and no training at all was provided for union delegates not to mention no pension.

    A promising union has been coming around and talking to us handing out cards for us to sign to put them on the voting ballot when it comes time. They are promising us that no cost health insurance and no co-pay will be added onto their proposal shall they be put onto the ballot on top of a lot of other promising things.

    My questions is, What types of questions should I be asking them? What types of things shall we request to be put into the proposal besides obvious things that we are already aware of? Also, they are asking us to see the contract for our current union they say to see what we already are getting or what we arent getting. Should we provide them with a copy? Or is this not a good idea?

    Basically im looking for any good input on what we should be doing to get the best possible proposal for the new union to negotiate with the labor board.

    Some background info: We are Security Officers for a very large sized busy hospital in a very bad neighborhood in the Bronx. There are about 60 total officers on staff here. Our current union never shows their face, we pay $400 a month for family health benefits.

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    Is the rest of the hospital unionized? Does sick leave really come out of vacation, or does it come out of a "personal time" pool that you use however you want? All of the hospitals around here have gone to a time pool.

    I guarantee you "No cost" health insurance isn't going to happen.

    Does a union give you anything that hospital HR polices do not?

    Some places hate unions and will take care of employee groups who de-unionize.


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      Are there other hospital security unions in the area? Have you talked to them?

      My 1st day sick comes out of vacation as does all of my paternity leave. I have 4 times the amount of time in my actual sick bank than in my vacation because we are basically not allowed to use our sick bank except for you actually being sick or injured. Our Union is pretty strong and smart but the County will not budge on a "pool" bank of personal leave time. The Sheriff will not budge on the first day sick because it limits abuse of sick time...

      As said above, you are going to have to pay for Health. Does the hospital have an in house plan? $400 a month is A LOT cheaper than mine.
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