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Of COURSE People Want Better Work/Life Balance


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  • Of COURSE People Want Better Work/Life Balance

    Ok, this is closely related to IAM Rand's thread about Jay Carney and the lost jobs, but it deserves its own thread.

    I've been skipping around the interwebs, looking at current affairs threads here and there, and I can't help but shake my head about the handling of the subject in the above title.

    On more than several forums/websites, you can see this topic everyone's talking about regarding Obamacare causing a LOSS of jobs.

    Any sane, rational, NOT math-challenged person knows it's major performance failure for a president.

    But instead of people discussing whether one economic philosophy creates jobs better than another - I.E., do heavily centralized Socialist or Communist or Democrat systems (Liberal Policies) create more economic/job opportunity than heavily market-oriented or Republican systems (Conservative policies) - apparently it requires too much brain matter for a lot of the interweb crowd.

    Instead of a discussion about how Obama's liberal economic policies keep causing a loss of jobs, the truly dense out there have missed the point. Instead a lot of posters devolved into the discussion of why Work/Life balance is good.

    LMAO. Really? Threads go on with airheads shaking their fists about how bad their work/life balance is.

    What does that have to do with Obamacare causing yet more job loss??

    I'm gonna go out on a limb here: OF COURSE EVERYONE WANTS A GOOD WORK/LIFE BALANCE. The same way everyone likes mom, apple pie, and baseball.

    That's not the question you flippin airheads.

    In a market oriented system like the US has, more jobs are created. We've ALWAYS had a better unemployment rate than Europe. ALWAYS.

    And yes, Americans tend to have a harder work ethic than say Europeans (a generality of course.) But here you can CHOOSE whether to work longer and make more money....or throttle back, have less material things, and require less income. I did it quite a bit as a consultant. Work hard and not have a life for a bit.....then throttle back, let my income drop, and have more leisure.

    But in places like Cuba, Greece, Spain, North Korea, Haiti, etcetera....THERE IS NO CHOICE between working long and hard for more income or choosing less work and less income. In these places, there's always a huge chunk of people that can't even get jobs. And the ones that do have jobs with lesser income forced on them.

    In the US one can choose one or the other. In Socialist countries, you don't.

    The debate is not about who likes balance more than others.

    But it's comical watching how many airheads think it is. And these airheads are the reason we live in the Orwellian hell we currently live in.

    CHOICE. The American way is all about CHOICE.

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    I though about starting a new thread about this but, will tie it to yours. Saw that the TN Volkswagon plant voted down the union. Now the libs in the media, the Dominant Liberal Establishment Mass Media, is coming up will all kinds of excuses for why this happened. For example, they are blaming Sen Bob Corker for tipping the scale in favor of voting against the union.

    found this on MSNBC's site.


    At one point you get them railing about "Big" government butting its nose into places where it shouldn't be. Hello Pot, this is Kettle. What a joke. I believe that during this segment, although it is not shown here, one of them said the didn't have enough blacks represented at the plant and the vote was racist. Other than four letter words I have none to describe what an idiot this guy is. One guy that voted against the union said he was already making $20/hr and would take a step backwards if the union came in. He would have to pay up to $3/hr just to be in the union. REALLY. What a joke. People like LAX and other Socialist leaning O.com posters here can rant all they want about big money corporations but, their argument falls flat here. The Volkswagon people are not strangers to unions and even signed a document that they would remain neutral. Volkswagon has had similar unions in their plants all over the world and to a certain extent even welcomed them with open arms.

    The one thing the moderator was claiming was that they were creating "Low wage" jobs in the south. Wages are all relative. I could make $5/hr but, if the cost of living is very low then that could be an excellent wage. Did she address that, HELL no. That would defeat her argument about low wages although I don't think $20/hr is low in most states. It took me a hell of a lot longer to get close to that.

    Okay libs, tell me that Obama doesn't and hasn't done what Sen. Corker has supposedly done. Please!
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      I can't speak to whether or not the union would provide better compensation or not (what little I've read, it seems like VW is a pretty good company), but I'd like to know when Obama resorted to coercion as Corker did during a labor vote or negotiation.
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        I think the US should just take a look at how things seem to work in other countrys. For instance, Germany. Nobody there works themselves to death. They have quality of life. Even the so-called poor there get their rent paid, insurance, and extra money to live with.


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          Please tell me you are joking. What do you have to back up your claim that "Nobody works themselves to death." I am not talking anecdotal evidence either. Ya, I got a friend whose cousin knows someone over that that said, "You Americans do it all wrong, nobody over here works themselves to death like you guys."

          What is wrong with hard work and putting in the hours plus some to get ahead and provide a better life for you and yours. When did it become unacceptable to to work hard and maybe obtain and keep wealth? Wasn't that what drove this country? Isn't that why America was called the land of milk and honey?

          When did it become acceptable to live off of others. It used to be a bad thing. I am not saying that you have to look down on others that have hit a hard patch and need some help. I am saying the millions that have given up and would rather have the government take care of them by soaking the people out there that give a damn and will work the 1 or 2 or 3 or however many jobs it takes to get what they want out of and from life.

          REALLY people, take a look around you. This is not your grandmother and grandfather's America any more.
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          Stupid has no color or race, everyone can participate.


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            Hey IAM Rand;
            Where's that mid-size SUV plant in Chattanooga that Corker promised?
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              Probably blocked by some idiotic union. What does that have to do with the price of tea in China?! Politicians promise things that they can't deliver. You think that is something only Republicans do. Democrats have the market cornered on that.
              Stupid has no color or race, everyone can participate.


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