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  • Odd candidates!...

    Who has been the oddest person to run for office in your state or local city or county election?...By odd I mean a candidate that doesn't really fit into politics b/c of their job before they got into politics or a scandle they might been involved in...

    Here in Miami Dade there is a chance Uncle Luke (Luther Campbell) (yes, the "Me so horny","It's your birthday" Luke, Luke vs Nick Navarro, Luke) may be the county's new mayor...

    I like his music but as far as politics goes I don't know...

    He did have a freedom of speech win that went to theSupreme Court, if I'm not mistaken...

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    Years back I got a call of a man wearing a dress and carrying a large sword inside a state office building. When I got there I found a man dressed in a priest's cassock with a bullwhip wrapped around his body, handcuffs hanging from his waist, a battle sword attached to his belt and a fox stole slung around his neck. I hooked him up for carrying a weapon in a government building.

    Unbeknown to me he was a candidate for mayor. I arrested him just outside an auditorium where all the mayoral candidates were about to speak at a public meet and greet.
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      We had a guy run for sheriff a few years back that had no law enforcement experience, no real work experience, and clearly no public speaking experience. During one of the debates, he was asked why he was running for sheriff. His answer: "I'm currently unemployed and it seemed like the thing to do."


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        Had a former Vikings player run for mayor. He must not have saved his money because my dad had a repo order for his car on several occasions.


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          I still like "the rent is too damn high" fellow.
          Pete Malloy, "The only thing black and white about this job is the car."


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            Originally posted by SRT936 View Post
            His answer: "I'm currently unemployed and it seemed like the thing to do."
            LOL! At least it was an honest, no BS, straight up answer!
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              The retired band teacher is our mayor and was elected for another term. We also had a police chief that was a parapalegic. We had a guy run for county commissoner this last time that just got busted for shoplifting!!
              I'm old......that's all.


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                We had Jeffrey Fieger, a classic POS ambulance chaser, run for Govenor in Michigan.

                Locally we had a Treasurer that had commited fraud and stole $$ in his private business (if I remember correctly). Two yrs later he was re-elected treasurer. About 3yrs later everyone was suprised that he had stolen $2 million in county funds.

                currently in prison and should be out in about 2yrs. I wouldnt be suprised if people re-elected him.
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