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Chairmain Anita "Mao" Dunn SO LONG!!


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  • Chairmain Anita "Mao" Dunn SO LONG!!

    Anita Dunn the idiot in Obamas little cabinet who stated that she "often" reffers to the teachings of Chairmain Mao the Chinese leader who murdered and enslaved more people than Hitler ever did is "stepping down". She is also the person appointed by Obama to investigate "FOX NEWS" when he stupidly waged his war on them a month or so ago.
    Van Jones
    Anita Dunn

    Three down, Three Hundred to go. yeahhhhhhhhhh!!!
    Another victory for those who love this great country. Citizens and Politicans alike.
    "Some people spend an entire lifetime wondering if they made a difference in the world. The MARINES don't have that problem." ....Ronald Reagan

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    To preface my comment - I am as big as a conservative as they come; however:

    I wouldn't overstate the impact of her stepping down. This was a planned move and an expected one as she took the job on an interim basis. So it isn't like she was forced out like Van Jones.

    It is nice to see her out of the picture though - but I doubt she strays far from the White House or the ear of Obama. She's still a friend and advisor and just because she isn't getting paid to be there doesn't mean she doesn't have the ear of the president.

    I will not miss her though.


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      Don't let the door hit ya in the *** on the way out.

      Pinko commie beeotch.
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        Originally posted by Nightshift va
        Anita Dunn ...... is "stepping down".
        Oh dear!.......I hope, while she is "looking to Chairman Mao" she doesn't miss a step and slip!


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