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Yet Another Clunker Stimulas/Jobs- Was listening to this yesterday.


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  • Yet Another Clunker Stimulas/Jobs- Was listening to this yesterday.


    VOICE: Let's talk about claims of success about jobs. The White House says 640,000 jobs have been created or saved by the $800 billion stimulus.

    STU: Hold on a second. This is interesting because this is their claim. 600,000 jobs have been created by the stimulus so far.

    PAT: Or saved.

    STU: Sorry, or saved. Created

    PAT: You can't forget the saved category because that's an important one.

    STU: It's really important. This is the latest breakdown here. If you take the administration at its word, the stimulus package has created 640,329 jobs.

    PAT: It's created that many?

    STU: Or saved.

    PAT: Or saved.

    STU: With the $207.3 billion of the stimulus money spent so far, that works out to $323,749 per job.

    PAT: Per job? That's created or saved?

    STU: Yes. And this is their bragging number. This is the number that no one in their right mind could possibly believe. This is their front page advertising. This is, you know, this is, you're going to lose weight while you sleep. It's the equivalent of that. And it's still that crappy at $323,000 per job.

    PAT: So does he push him on that?

    STU: He does a little.

    PAT: Or is he done?

    GREGORY: There are Republicans who say the number is bogus, that it's just PR. John Boehner, leader of the Republicans in the House as you well know circulated a quote from an economist at Carnegie Mellon University and I'll put it up on the screen and you can look at it. One can search economic textbooks forever without finding a concept called jobs saved. It doesn't exist for good reason.

    PAT: No way!

    GREGORY: How can anyone know that his or her job has been saved? You've got a lot of experience in the economy. Is this PR or fact?

    PAT: Wow.

    GEITHNER: This is fact.

    PAT: This is fact.

    GEITHNER: Again, when the president took office, this economy was falling at the rate of 6 1/2% an annual rate per year.

    PAT: 700,000 jobs a day.

    GEITHNER: Fastest rate in decades.

    PAT: Practically a minute.

    GEITHNER: We were losing three quarters of a million jobs a month. Now, the pace of job loss has slowed dramatically.

    PAT: Nancy Pelosi said 500 million a month.

    GEITHNER: The economy's now growing again. It's growing not just because the effects of the Recovery Act. Many people opposed the Recovery Act, said it wasn't going to work. It's working.

    PAT: It's working.

    GEITHNER: It should produce. The average American has saved almost 35% since the beginning of the year. Interest rate's down

    PAT: I can't take it anymore.

    GEITHNER: And they are delivering what they are designed to deliver.

    STU: There's more journalism coming up.

    PAT: Really okay.

    GREGORY: How do you measure that?

    GEITHNER: It's not something economists recognize as actual fact.

    PAT: Wow.

    STU: It's not something an economist recognizes as actual fact.

    PAT: Have you noticed this scattered shower of journalism started breaking out when Fox News began getting assailed.

    STU: Yeah, yeah.

    PAT: This started about a month ago when the White House said a month ago Fox News was not a legitimate news service, we don't want them included, we don't want you to think like they do, we don't want you to will follow up on the stories they are following up on. We don't want you to even look at Fox News. And maybe that, maybe that sent a shock wave.

    STU: Yeah.

    PAT: Through their journalistic sensibilities. Maybe, boy, if we don't act now, we're not going to be able to.
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